Upholstered pieces of furniture can be expensive to buy, and just as expensive to have old pieces reupholstered by professionals. If you have the knack for it, it would be much cheaper to actually design and create your own piece of upholstered furniture masterpiece. Or for beginners, you could simply do a simple Do It Yourself reupholstering of an old piece of furniture that still has a strong frame and an intact set of cushions. If you could manage to do it by yourself, or with the help of someone who knows how to do it, you would be able to save up on a good amount of money and still have great pieces of furniture in your home. The important factor you just have to take in mind is knowing where to buy all of the necessary materials and tools that you would need for the project. Lucky for you, Heico Direct has everything that you would need – down to upholstery nails up to all of the tools that you would use, they have it all for you. And best believe that you should not underestimate the need to have the proper set of upholstery nails to use, they are just as important as any other material that you would need and use for your piece of furniture.

Nails of All Shapes and Sizes

At Heico Direct, you have the convenience to browse through different kinds, colours, shapes, sizes, and finishes of different upholstery nails that you could use for your projects all at the comfort of your own home. Yes, you read that right, you could simply do it online, from the browsing to the checking out, so you would just simply wait for the delivery of your purchased items to arrive at your doorstep. There are different uses to upholstery nails as they are more than just merely for sticking the fabric to your wooden frame. It is available in different kinds, colours, shapes, sizes, and finishes, because it already adds detail to any piece of upholstered furniture that makes it unique and stand out on its own. It is more than just for attaching; it is also for aesthetic and design. As a matter of fact, there are folks who actually use it for just that sole purpose – design and aesthetics. You could also make DIY reminder boards made out of a corkboard, fabric, and upholstery nails if you are in the mood.

Classy, Elegant, Modern and Unique

Whichever theme you want to follow for your upholstered pieces of furniture to fit the room that you would them in could be achieved even with your DIY upholstery projects because of the vast choices of different kinds of upholstery nails you could get from Heico Direct. You could achieve a classy look with low or high domed upholstery nails in antique brass, brass plated, black enamelled, or bronze renaissance finishing. If you want something that is elegant looking, you could opt for upholstery nails with a crystal head to add a bit of sophistication to each piece of furniture. There are also a wide array of colourful upholstery nails you could choose from such as red, olive, blue, tan, maroon, coral, yellow, and even glittery powdered or powdered nail heads for a more modern approach to your design. If you are achieving a unique look, there are available decorative upholstery nails in different shapes and sizes, and as well as square ones which could be distinct from other pieces of upholstered furniture.

One-stop Shop

Heico Direct has everything that you need for an upholstery project, whether you are doing it from scratch or doing a reupholstery project. If you do not know what you want to buy or achieve, or if you have clients that want to choose from the wide selection of upholstery nails they have to offer, you could simply buy an A4 Heico Upholstery Nails Sample Board so you would not have to buy too many pieces of the different kinds of nails and end up not being able to use it all. If you use the sample board, you would know which pieces to only buy so that you would not have extra pieces of everything. The convenience of Heico Direct is that you could do all of your shopping for your upholstery projects needs all on one website. You just simply have to browse through the website, add all of the things that you would need to your card, just check out, and wait for your order. Once it conveniently arrives at your doorstep, you can easily start working on a piece of upholstered furniture at the comfort of your own home. You could even turn it into a family bonding event so that you could all together bring old pieces back to life.