Optimizing your bathroom with the right bathroom essentials can be a task. Considering the storage facility, vanity, tub, shower needs, and laundry, it can be a little difficult to hold everything in a smaller bathroom. In order to design a bathroom that is not only utterly functional but also lavish in appearance, you need to consider a few factors, such as the size of your bathroom, what bathroom equipment set is required, and what is your budget.

Most of the time, bathroom vanity takes up the maximum space in the bathroom. You can cut down on bulky or large vanities and switch to compact ones that serve the purpose as well as are cutesy looking. You can go for floating vanities or freestanding vanities. Following is a list of some best space-saving bathroom vanity designs:

Poise PVC Corner Vanity by HomeTown

This basin vanity is made from ceramic, hence durable and heat, shock, and scratch-resistant. You have a closed cabinet which you can use to store towel, tissue rolls, and napkins. It is ideal for smaller bathrooms, as it can fit in any corners. The soft closing hinges prevent slamming of doors. The brass drainer avoids rusting. The plush white color is sure to adorn your bathroom decor.

Aluminium Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity by JJ Sanitaryware

This floating vanity is perfect for a smaller bathroom. It comes with a mirror and has a rack for holding soap dispensers, shampoos, and other toiletries. The closed cabinet is apt for storing napkins, tissues, towels, and other bath essentials. The cabinet comes in the teak yellow finish with a white basin that is suitable for any contemporary decor. Moreover, you also have extra space on either side of the faucet to place soaps and hand wash.

Verone Bath Vanity by HomeTown

This floor mount vanity comes dressed in all white that will fit best in any modern decor style. It comes with a mirror that has additional storage space for shampoo bottles and creams. The cabinet has two drawers and one closed compartment with a washbasin on top. You can keep all the bath essentials in the cabinet, right from towels, napkins, sanitary essentials, and others. You can style up your bathroom with this adorable vanity along with a storage rack topped with indoor plants.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Vanity by Tusker

This wall-mounted bathroom vanity by Tusker is a classy piece that almost everyone would love to install in their bathrooms. Made from stainless steel, it has a ceramic washbasin and a faucet. The steel cabinet beneath is spacious enough to store all your toiletries such as shampoo, hand wash, soap dispenser, toilet cleaner, bath towels, and more. The basin features a wooden log design that adds on to its stylish look.

Marvel PVC Vanity by HomeTown

Marvel is a stylish vanity that features an ergonomic design. It comes with a mirror that has a storage rack attached to the side. The washbasin is made from ceramic and has a cabinet beneath. There comes a drawer attached on the side of the cabinet, creating a small tabletop for you to place a towel basket. The washbasin has a flat space on its overall sides, allowing you to place soap dispensers and hand wash. You can place all your cream jars in the drawer while using the cabinet space for tissues, napkins, and more. The mirror rack has space to hold shampoo bottles, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, and more.

PVC Floor Rested Bathroom Vanity by JJ Sanitaryware

A freestanding furniture piece, this bathroom vanity by JJ Sanitaryware is surely a space-saver. Its sleek built takes up minimal space that you wouldn’t even feel its presence. It has a closed cabinet with two compartments that can store your towels, tissues, napkins, sanitary essentials, soaps, shampoos, toilet cleaners, and more. The curvy ceramic washbasin on top has enough space to hold a soap dispenser or hand wash. The white and black color combination makes it a classy piece to decorate your bathroom.

There are many creative ideas for bedecking a small bathroom, then be it a shower panel, vanity, or a shower cabin. You can use one of the designs mentioned above or reuse an old cabinet to create a new unique vanity of your own. A vanity is a must, irrespective of the size of the bathroom, as it helps in maintaining the general hygiene. So, you can consider skipping out on that bathtub, but you cannot afford to skip out on bathroom vanity.