For many homeowners, we are quick to forget about cleaning our curtains during our weekly or monthly routines. This should come as no surprise as dirt or dust on curtains are not readily visible in our daily activities. This is in direct contrast with dust on the dining table or floor, which we interact with constantly. Instead, curtains are left forgotten by our windows, slowly accumulating dirt and other pollutants.

However, the accumulation of such foreign matter in your curtains can have several adverse effects. In this article, we will be covering why you need to clean your curtains on a regular basis.

How & Why Curtains Accumulate Dirt & Other Pollutants

For starters, it should be noted that the placement of your curtains next and across your windows puts them in a precarious position. More so than any other furnishing in your home, they are exposed to a whole range of different invading particles.

If you were to give your curtain a good shake, chances are that you will find large amounts of dust flying off its surface and floating down. For members of your household with sensitive noses or allergies, it is this same dust that is likely causing their respiratory systems to constantly get triggered.

Depending on their material, curtains might make great landing spots for dirt and dust. This is especially so for thicker curtain materials which particles can stick themselves too. In fact, if you have not cleaned your curtains in some time, then these same particles may have already penetrated your curtains and made their way to the base layer. At which point, it becomes incredibly hard to dislodge them.

Additionally, if your curtains do not receive sunlight regularly and exist in a moist environment, then they become prime spots for mould or mildew. More so than normal dust, mould and mildew can have adverse health impacts on the inhabitants of your household. In the worst case scenario, they may not be dislodged without damage being dealt to your curtains, in this case a full replacement would be needed.

Simple Cleaning Techniques for your Curtains

For starters, you should make the effort to dust and vacuum your curtains on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The time interval is dependent on your environment, the dustier the area is, the more often you should dust off your curtain. Importantly, we emphasize on the need to repeat this action multiple times through as some dirt may be rooted among the fibres of your curtain, making it harder to dislodge them.

When dusting off your curtain, a visual inspection should be conducted to find any stains, bigger dirt or mould that may have grown on your curtain. If you do find such contaminants, then more in depth cleaning may be required.

Get Professional Help

Need help with removing stubborn dirt or revitalising your curtain? If so, enquire for professional curtain cleaning services today.