Creating a side project at home can be an excellent way to supplement your income. Whether you have a hobby, a certain set of skills or tools, or even the right space, your home can become a money-maker. How much you make depends on a number of factors, notably the demand and what you can offer. However, as more people turn to work online and create new outlets for supporting ideas, finding a little extra income with the help of your property is easier than ever. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The Idea

What is it that you can offer? Do you have a niche skill or training? Or, is your personality one that might lend itself to entertainment? If you can think of anything you have learned that might interest even a small community of people, then you’ve got an idea to begin with. This could be a second language that can be taught online, hairdressing qualifications that might allow you to open a home studio, or even a video game enthusiasm that would be enjoyable to stream for others.

Starting Out

Getting your idea off the ground is difficult. There are plenty of tools available to get you started but it’s a double-edged sword since it helps everyone else out too, meaning there’s increased competition. Children’s entertainers are easily able to broadcast themselves via Facebook and Twitch, leading to saturation on local groups, and those renting out an annexe or a summer house have their local Airbnb market to compete with

It’s a slow process and, for a long time, it may feel like it isn’t growing. However, perseverance, adaptation, and, ultimately, luck will ensure your project’s success. It just takes time.

Transforming Your Home

If you want to be taken seriously, then you need to treat your project with professionalism. This may mean dedicating a part of your home to its business. If you’re a budding streamer, having a private room, both well-lit and with a green screen, is an ideal start.

For those hosting classes or performing therapy within their home, a welcoming and well-designed space is essential. If attendees attend your home class or session, they’ll want to know you’re capable, meaning that teaching from your sofa likely won’t make the cut.

Build Upon the Fundamentals


Once you have set out, it’s your responsibility to find an audience, work on your skill, and improve your set-up. It may be hard to foresee much extra income being created, however, the time you invest will pay off. Showcasing the time you spend improving your space will draw attention. Popular cooking instructors don’t make popular videos and then build a new kitchen. This would be the cart before the horse. Instead, they work at improving their kitchen, building it alongside their online project, finding an audience as they go along.

Take a Chance

So, if you have an idea you’re wanting to try or perhaps some empty space at home, it might be worth considering. That little bit of effort and time could soon become an extra income or, if you’re lucky, even more.