The winter season can be harsh on households and can bring on some common problems with garage doors. Keep in mind, the average garage door is a large piece of equipment and tends to be the most used item in most homes. When the garage door is not in good working order, it tends to be very problematic and inconvenient. Everyone needs access to their vehicle and the other items in their garage and this is especially true in the winter months. There are some common garage door problems that tend to arise in winter. It is a good idea to know about the common garage door issues because a malfunctioning garage door can be a costly problem if left unattended. Garage door repair company Frisco is informed about the many garage door problems that can occur in the winter.

Possible Problems

Garage door repair company Frisco commonly assesses the following garage door issues during the winter seasons. The professionals can determine if the following items are occurring with your garage door:

* sensor damage and the remote; it is not uncommon for remote sensors to crack when the temperatures become low. This is not something that happens on a routine basis. If your remote sensor becomes damaged or cracked, you’re better off to call a professional. A professional can determine if the sensor needs replacing or repairing. The batteries may be dead and it is a good idea to check them prior to contacting a professional

* garage door panels and ice; many garage doors have several panels. Sometimes moisture gets in between the panels and causes them to freeze. The ice can usually be seen and a heat source can melt the ice. It is important to know that extreme heat has the ability to damage the metal parts on the garage door. A hair dryer is considered to be a gentle source of heat. Wiping away most of the moisture after using the source of heat will prevent further freezing issues

* damage and weather stripping; most garage doors have airtight weather stripping on them. It can be found on the bottom of the door. The purpose of the stripping is to keep the cold air out. Water can freeze around the base, in the winter months. The weather stripping can become trapped between the ground and the ice. When you attempt to open the door, the strip can be torn off. As the weather strips ages, it can harden and crack. The broken seal will decrease the warmth and raise your heating costs. It is worth your while to make certain the weather stripping is in good working order

* damaged components; Every garage door needs all parts to be maintained properly. This is especially true as the colder weather comes in because the cold air makes contact with the metal. Keep in mind, many of the components on a garage door are made of metal. Damaged components can be springs, rails and screws. If any of the components are damaged, the entire garage door can become jammed and will not open properly

There are various garage door problems that can arise during the winter months. The above items are some sample winter problems.

The Professionals: Quality Solutions

It ought to be known that it can be dangerous to try to fix your garage door if you do not have the necessary skills and equipment. Serious injuries may happen because the metal springs do have a lot of tension and the garage door is a large and heavy item. Garage door repair company Frisco has many quality solutions and comes equipped to handle garage door issues.