The hallway is often a neglected place in terms of decoration, because there is always a bit of chaos in this room, especially if you have children.

However, if the space is well thought out, it can become one of the key rooms in your home. With a little cash and a lot of imagination, you can make your hallway your favorite room in the house.  In this home improvement submit guest post you can come up with the best deals.

Here are the ways and some inspirations to arrange and decorate a trendy and practical hallway:


Storage is the key to a beautiful and practical hallway. The four hooks on the wall are certainly not enough to store all the coats, especially in winter. If you already have a wardrobe in your hallway, consider optimizing its storage with poles of different levels and cubes in which to insert baskets.

If you don’t have a wardrobe, would it be interesting to convert a beautiful large wardrobe into a wardrobe? Or build a storage wall with doors, cubes, drawers, etc. The more storage space in your hallway, the less time you will waste looking for the little one’s mittens on a busy Monday morning.

A bench

A vestibule without a bench is not a successful vestibule! The latter is practical for sitting down to put on your shoes, but also to add storage to the room. It is also useful for putting down your very heavy grocery bags after returning from shopping.

The floor 

Unsurprisingly, ceramic is the most practical floor covering for a hallway. With the four seasons that we know in Quebec, ceramic will be easily cleaned in summer and winter, especially when slush gets in the game! Ideally, opt for a dark-colored grout so that the dirt does not appear too much.

The colors 

Don’t be afraid to dare a little in this room of the house. It’s the first room you see when you get home from work, so put some love into it. Even if the room or space is generally small, colorful walls or beautiful patterned wallpaper have their place. Just go sparingly, like in any room of the house! However, it is important to maintain consistency with the rest of your home.

The accessories

The choice of accessories must be as decorative as practical. So remember to install a large basket to store the umbrellas, hooks for scarves and hats, a mirror for a last stroke of lipstick before leaving, a storage compartment for small changes, a calendar, a clock.. Also, do not be afraid to play with the levels so that your children have access to a few hooks for example.

Don’t forget your pet

Because your pet is a full member of the family, it also deserves its space in the hallway. Think of a place to store walking accessories and treats. Maybe you want to transform your hallway into a small room for your pet by installing his bed and his bowls too?