Did you know that humans, just like animals, first excavated the ground to find food and water?

Well, that was thousands of years ago. Now excavation has evolved and covers a variety of activities and services. Whatever it is you want to build, residential buildings, commercial buildings, roadways, bridges, or underground pipes, the land needs to be prepared and excavated to ensure it provides a strong foundation. For you to achieve your construction goals, you need to contract a company that offers excavation services.

Statistics by IBISWorld show that there are 43,572 excavation contractors in the US alone. With such a vast number of companies, you need to be smart in the choice of your excavation contractor.

Factors to consider when choosing an excavating service company

  1. Professional work experience

You need to ask yourself how long an excavation company has been in business. The contractor you land on should have an attractive portfolio and a list of clients they’ve worked for that you can contact. To be confident that your work will be correctly done, you want to hire a company that has handled several jobs.

  1. Licensed and Certified

The law requires excavation companies to be licensed. Before they are licensed, they take a skill and knowledge test that shows they are adequately trained in the field. A valid license will also show you that the company follows standards and state laws governing the practice.

  1. Properly equipped

Excavation needs specialized equipment for dirt removal and bush clearing. Ensure the company has proper machinery to handle any terrain. If it doesn’t have the necessary tools, the quality of work produced might be compromised.

Types of Excavation Services

  1. Post Hole Digging

Post holes are vital for mailboxes, footer foundations, and fences. You want to contract a post hole digging companythat has a variety of machines and specialized equipment for your drilling needs.

  1. Patio Removal and Prep

It’s great to have an oasis in your backyard.  But, it would be best if you had professional excavation contractors who will dig it according to your design and specifications. Find a company that will excavate your site, paying close attention to local rules and regulations.

  1. Driveway Removal and Prep

At some point, you may want to replace the driveway for your home or commercial property because of cracks. Get a company that has a ton of knowledge in proper ground preparation methods to make you a long-lasting driveway, and will also ensure your property is not damaged by debris.

  1. Waterproofing Dig

Waterproofing dig doesn’t have to be complicated in the city because of obstacles. Companies with small machines can navigate into tight spaces and ensure safety. Such companies can prepare your waterproofing projects with ease.

  1. Winter Snow Removal

Sudden snowstorms are not a new phenomenon in Southern Ontario. Snowstorms make transport difficult. But, no need to worry. A New View, a company that is proudly serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Milton, will remove and plow snow from your walkways.

Conclusion – Don’t Start the Excavation Process on the Wrong Foot

Excavation services define our existence. Before choosing an excavation company to work for you, ensure you do a background check on the services they offer and how experienced they are. Check out our gallery and view our specialty equipment for all of your excavation needs.