With so many different sizes and options for shipping containers, why would you want to lease one?  There are so many great reasons, some which you may not have thought about.  One of the most obvious reasons is to pack up your entire home and move it to another location.   No more worrying about how, logistically, you are going to move your entire home, just pack it up and load it into the container, then contact the company you are moving it with and have them pick it up.

Doing renovations to your home? You can store all of your items in a shipping container and empty your home while you remove and replace drywall and flooring. It is so much easier to complete renovations without having to work around furniture and appliances. Many people rent a small travel trailer to live in while they undertake extensive renovations, but they do not think about what they will do with all of their belongings. Leasing a shipping container for the short term is a great option to remove all of the household contents so that you can get the work done quickly with no obstructions.

If you own a business and tend to get large shipments in that you cannot store because you do not have the space, leasing a shipping container is a great option.  Not only is it a business write-off, you can have it removed if you find that you no longer need it after a time. If you are just starting out with your business, the option of leasing containers can provide options such as you being able to rent more containers as needed. New businesses do not have the capital to spend, so having the option to lease containers saves money while ensuring that the business has access to the storage space that it needs.

Leasing a shipping container can help you to decide the size and style of container that suits your needs the best. This is how you can try the container before you buy it. You can also find out the exact size of container that will be the best for what you need it for when you lease different sizes. If you decide that you want a lined or insulated shipping container, you can send back your unlined one and get something different.

If you lease a container then you do not own it (obviously) so if it is somehow damaged or ruined, you can return it to the lessor and obtain a different container. You will not be liable for the damage because you do not own the container and you will have insurance that covers the container against damage when you have a lease agreement.

Leasing shipping containers is an affordable option over purchasing shipping containers. The purchase of a container means that you have to come up with a sizeable amount of money for each container that you need, and most people and businesses cannot afford to expend that kind of money. If you need several containers, it is actually affordable to rent several of them at less of a cost than if you had purchased them.

Leasing a container may make it easier to purchase the container when the lease term comes to its end. The lessor may allow you to purchase the shipping container at a much lower purchase price because of the payments that have been made which they may credit towards the purchase price. This is really a good option for purchase when your cash flow situation is not the best.

If you are not sure what size of shipping container that you need, leasing several of different sizes can help you to make a decision on which container is the best size for your needs. You can decide on the size and how it works for you once you have the container on your property and start to use it for storage or whatever use you require. The more you use the container, the more you will start to see how you can make the best use of it and which size is the best for your needs.

Leasing means that you do not have a massive outlay of cash in the beginning, and you can use that money for other purposes whether you are trying to grow a business or deal with storage issues at your home.

Graphic by Tiger Containers