Cats make great companions when we have them at home, and there is no better thing than showing them how much we care for them. One way in which you can appreciate your cat pet is by having a cat tree in your house.

While human beings live in a horizontal world, our cat friends are inclined towards the vertical one and depend on elevated comfort, exercise, safety, and fun. That’s why you find them on top of a bookshelf, refrigerator, or any tall perch in the house. Here are some benefits you and your cat will enjoy by having a cat tree.

Cat trees are versatile.

Not only does a cat tree provide your cat with a high position to perch on, but it also provides a comfortable sleeping space, a scratch post which helps the cat take care of its claws, and again comes with little hanging toys. When the cat hits the toys, it stimulates the hunting experience still hidden in its instinct.

Therefore, a cat tree provides your cat with the comfort they need all in one place.

It maintains harmony when you have more than one cat.

When you have more than one cat in your house, they could always be fighting because every cat wants the highest perch. A cat tree can bring peace as the higher-ranking cat will climb on the top perch to show its status while the other one follows closely behind.

It can be an easy way to maintain peace between the cats as the superior cat assumes top perch instead of physically fighting.

It saves your furniture from scratches.

Cats are naturally wild and tough animals, and sometimes it can be challenging to domesticate them. You will often find them clawing at your expensive furniture, and it isn’t easy to prevent that if they don’t have an alternative.

A cat tree provides them with something to claw when they want. Clawing is part of claw health, and instincts guide them into doing that. A cat tree incorporates a sisal material for your cat to scratch, the reason being that it is the preferable material that cats claw. So, providing your cat with a cat tree will see you enjoy cat-free couches as it will prefer its new home.

It provides safety for timid cats.

Some cats are timid, especially very little ones, and will more likey hide behind cabinets or under the bed. A cat tree provides a haven for the cat and safety. When it climbs to the high perch, it can see anything and will spot any advancing danger early enough.

A cat tree helps a timid cat stay out in the open while maintaining its sense of security.

Your cat will be more healthy and comfortable.

With something to play with all day and claw her heart’s desire, a cat tree makes your cat live a healthy and comfortable life.

In addition to that, when you are away from home, cats get bored and will likely run around ruining delicate items as they seek attention. Having a cat tree provides them with something to play with all day.

The bottom line

If you are a cat lover, the best thing you can do for your cat friend is to gift it with a cat tree.