It may sound silly, but it happens to everyone eventually: Losing a cherished item down the drain! Everyone has had the mishap of a wedding band casualty while doing the dishes or losing an earring down the drain in the bathroom. While you may fear that these cherished gems are lost forever, this simply is not true! Your drain-lost memories are in fact not lost at all, they are able to be retrieved with no damage done and no big demolition projects – just a little bit of DIY effort and some basic plumbing information.

Saving Your Lost Gems

The first thing you should do before trying to recover your lost item is to turn off the faucet. This helps reduce the chance of your item being washed further down the drain stack. If you have stopped the water in time, your item should be safely in the trap underneath the sink.

While things like earrings or rings are objects that you will want to immediately retrieve from the sink trap, any object dropped down the drain should be recovered as soon as possible, because a build-up in the sink trap can cause clogs and drainage issues.

The exact method by which to open your sink trap may vary depending on what kind of setup you have, however, the rescue process is essentially the same no matter the setup.

Firstly, make sure you have a bucket to trap any spill out. Then you can use a wrench to remove the J pipe and shake it loose. While retrieving your lost item, take the time to clean any debris or build up from the trap and the immediate pipes.

The process is quick and easy! There is no need to fret or worry, but if you do find that there are more serious plumbing issues on hand, you can reach out to the pros at for some advice and information.

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