Are you considering adding an Invisi-Gard security door to your home or business? This article is designed to help you make a decision with an in-depth look at the Invisi-Gard 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens.

 Introduction to Alspec

Invisi-Gard Security Screens are designed by Alspec, an Australian owned company who offer an extensive range of aluminium security solutions.

With over 45 years of industry experience, Alspec have workshops all over Australia where they design, develop and test modern aluminium security systems, hardware and accessories. Alspec are supported by over 100 dealers across Australia who supply and install their range of residential and commercial security solutions.

 Security Screen Components

A security door or screen is only as strong as the components which it’s made from. Here’s a break-down of the components within the Invisi-Gard 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens –

316 Stainless Steel Mesh

The Invisi-Gard range of security doors include a marine grade mesh which is developed by Meshtec. Meshtec weave high tensile stainless steel wire to manufacture the screen mesh, with each strand individually tested to stringent international standards.

 Extreme Grip Protection (EGP)

EGP is a method which locks the 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh into the heavy duty extruded aluminium perimeter framing of the screen. This significantly increases the overall strength of the screen by ensuring that the screen cannot be kicked away from the frame without an extreme amount of force.

 3 Point Locking Mechanism

Last but not least, all hinged and sliding Invisi-Gard screens come with a 3-point locking mechanism as standard. These ultra secure devices lock at 3 points on the jamb, creating much more stability than a standard single lock.

To summarise, the components found within the Invisi-Gard 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens combine to create a strong and durable defense against break-ins.


All security doors and screens within Australia must undergo vigorous testing which includes –

 Dynamic Impact Test

All security screens and doors are subjected to a Dynamic Impact Test, which was introduced several years ago after it was discovered that several screens on the market were not strong enough to withstand kicking of the screen / grille.

The Australian Standard AS5041 test involves a lead filled bag which weighs approximately 40kg and incurs 100 joules of energy when thrust at the screen door. The test is repeated 5 times which aims to simulate a burglar attempting to kick in the door.

To pass the test, the impact must not breach the material in any way or force the mesh away from the door frame.

 Jemmy Test

This test is designed to simulate a burglar who is trying to jemmy (force open) a security door using a large screwdriver. The test involves a standardised narrow blade lever which is inserted and turned against each of the lock, fastening and hinge points.

If the impact creates a gap greater than 15cm between the screen and door frame, or the lock, fastening or hinge points fail, the security screen does not pass the test.

 Knife Shear Test

This test simulates a burglar trying to penetrate and cut through the screen mesh.

During the test, a custom designed machine is used to draw a knife blade along the screen mesh three times, whereby the knife blade is replaced after each draw. This process is repeated so the screen mesh is tested with both horizontal and vertical impact.

In order to pass the test, the screen mesh must not suffer an uninterrupted cut or tear of 15cm or more.

 How Does Invisi-Gard Stand Up?

In all three tests Invisi-Gard 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens not only meet, but exceed Australian standards. For instance, the heavy duty frame tested at 10 times the required standard in terms of absorbed energy, making them one of the strongest and most durable options available on the market.

 Colours & Options

The door frames, stainless steel mesh and hardware (locks, hinges and closers) from Invisi-Gard are available in over 20 different powder coated colours.

They also offer a range of timber grain finishes, which are made from aluminium and range from traditional warm woody hues to dark modern ashes.

This extensive range of options allows you to find a look and feel that matches just about any style of house or commercial property.


All Invisi-Gard 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens are accompanied with a 15 year standard warranty offered by Alspec.

As with most purchases, the warranty is void if the consumer fails to follow the care and maintenance instructions associated with the warranty.

This 15 year period matches, if not exceeds the warranty offered by all other major security door manufacturers within Australia.

 A Comparison to Standard Security Doors

The following table shows an overall comparison between Invisi-Gard security doors and standard doors available on the market –


Invisi-Gard screens are typically more affordable when compared with similar options on the market. The exact price to purchase and install an Invisi-Gard security screen will vary depending on the dealer, style and size of screen required. However, pricing typically starts from around $800 for standard options.

A professional and ethical Invisi-Gard dealer should offer a free measure and quote and take the time to understand your requirements. We encourage you to engage several companies to ensure that you receive the best service and value for money.


The Invisi-Gard 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens ticks all of the boxes when it comes to strength, durability, options, warranty and price.

 KNA Security

KNA Security are an authorised dealer of Invisi-Gard security doors who supply and install 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens throughout Perth. Contact KNA today to schedule a free measure and quote at your home or business.