Flying termites are among the most annoying types of pets you can find in your home. Getting rid of them is often hard because they may swarm to a certain area of your home without any warning. Your family might be having dinner when suddenly you find swarms of flying termites that grow bigger and bigger. If you still don’t know of any ways to effectively get rid of flying termites, the tips below can help you:

Get Rid of Termite Nests

When it comes to flying termites, you want to directly attack the source. Scraping off any termite mounds you can find in and around an area is the best way to prevent them from further swarming other parts of your home. As these termites reproduce quickly, you need to act right away, so you don’t have to deal with more colonies than you currently do. Effective pest control in San Antonio, TX involves this approach.

Don’t Make Light Source Visible from the Outside

Typically, a massive swarm of flying termites can surround a lightbulb as they are attracted to light sources. Although you will want to turn off the lights, it could stop you from doing certain tasks at hand. But, you can prevent these swarms from arriving by covering your windows with thick curtains. Because of the lack of visibility, termites will fly away from your home. 

Exterminate them with a Bug Zapper

A bug zapper can either be handheld or stationary with built-in UV light. The handheld bug zapper can be time-consuming, especially if your home has already been infiltrated by a huge swarm of flying termites. If you choose to use the stationary device, place it inside a dark room. Its UV lights will attract the termites, killing them when they come into contact with the bulbs.