A home should be comfortable in all seasons, whether that means a bearable coolness throughout the summertime or great insulation and cosiness for winter. The temperature, as well as the general atmosphere and design, should constantly serve to keep us happy. If not, it stops feeling like home. Those who work remotely will know how especially important this is since they will be spending almost their entire day within the inside, requiring a professional environment that is conducive to productivity too.

So, as the weather is becoming colder and wetter, many are starting to prepare their homes for winter. Generally, it is the toughest season for us to manage, for both our health and comfort. Our homes need to be able to maintain warmth, feel cosy, and even accommodate our family seasonal gatherings and festive cheer!

If you are stuck for ideas and already dreading the winter chill, then here are the best ways to prepare your home for a snug and warming winter.

Manage Draughts

No matter how good your heating system is, it only takes one draught to reduce its effectiveness while increasing your energy costs. Managing your draughts doesn’t mean solely ensuring windows are closed because draughts can still enter elsewhere. Once the weather outside begins to cool down, it is important to check your doors, windows, and chimney for any cold air braking through. When you have identified any issues, these can be covered up.

If you’re unsure how much air is really breaking through or doubt its effect on your home, try sealing them behind a large piece of cellophane and with tape, using the plastic to cover your entire window. Once you are ready to complete your covering by sealing the final corner, you will be able to see how strong the draught really is!

Build a Cosy Room

Changing your entire home for the season can be both impractical and expensive. A more appropriate option is to focus on one or two rooms and redesign these to be the ideal space to spend your time during cold seasons.

Filling your living rooms, bedrooms, and even outbuildings, such as increasingly popular log cabins, with cosy features is a great way to design the ultimate hibernation room. These rooms should be accommodating spaces, with all the essentials you might need for cosy days and nights, with blankets, candles, books, and more. That way, no matter how cold it is outside, there’s always a warm escape to look forward too.

The Right Fabrics

Blankets to wrap yourself in aren’t the only way to stay warm this winter. In fact, there are many interior design fabrics that can be chosen to keep out the cold. Carpets, rugs, and curtains are ideal assets to help exclude and minimise cold air, as well as being generally low cost.

Thick and heavy curtains can be a great way to defend against single-glazed or draughty windows, while soft rugs can prevent you from having to step onto cold, hard wooden flooring too. So, before you are turning the heating to maximum, make sure that your home has enough fabric to keep it cosy first.