Modern living room design entails finding more with less. With smaller living spaces, it has become imperative to choose furniture which packs more functional features in lesser and sleeker shapes and sizes. This is where a sofa cum bed comes into the picture. It offers functionality as well as goes with the modern living room style.

If you’re wondering why to opt for a sofa cum bed over a typical sofa, here are some of the reasons that’ll help you make the decision – 

Saves lots of space

The most obvious advantage of choosing a sofa cum bed over a regular sofa is space. Sofa cum bed is perfect if you have a smaller living room as it saves a whole lot of space. This latest sofa design is also great if you wish to invite guests over, as you don’t need to have separate mattresses for them. It fits comfortably in the room without occupying a large portion of it.  

Versatile and trendy

Regular sofas are conventional, but sofa cum beds are modern and trendy. Not only that, sofa cum bed designs are extremely versatile and multifunctional as well. They can double up as a bed, a couch, and a diwan. Efficient and completely in keeping with the times! 

High functionality

A regular sofa or a bed does not have much room to improve when it comes to function. As a result, the designing process for them focuses more on aesthetics.  However, that is not the case for sofa cum beds. While they undoubtedly have the looks to make a room more appealing, their primary purpose is to provide you higher functionality.

For example, sofa cum beds have a pull and push feature that allows you to convert between the two modes. Features like these are at the core of why sofa cum beds are a suitable option for home interiors.


Regardless of the size of your apartment, your affinity for house decor etc., buying multiple pieces of furniture can be very expensive. For example, buying a bed is expensive. Now if you buy a sofa additionally, you end up adding to your expenses. Moreover, maintaining both takes an extra amount of effort.

On the other hand, buying a sofa cum bed means having more money to either focus it on other parts of home decor or simply add to your savings. Moreover, you do not have to worry much about the expense or the effort to maintain the sofa cum bed.


While sofa cum beds were mainly designed to be products of function, they have evolved a lot in recent years. Today, they are available in various sizes and designs to fit the requirement of different buyers. For example, if you simply want a place to nap in your living room, you can get a smaller sofa cum bed. Moreover, if you want to set a theme with your interior decor, you can find your preference of sofa cum beds online. As a result of this wide variety, you do not have to be limited by factors like size, color, space, etc.

Picking out furniture is always a personal choice. But it is essential to weigh all the advantages of opting for one type of furniture over the other for your living room design. So these are some of the reasons you should go for a sofa cum bed over a regular sofa. Happy furniture shopping!