A typical cause homeowners consider window replacement is broken windows. Maybe your windows got damaged all of a sudden. Or perhaps harsh weather conditions took a toll on them. No matter the situation you’re in, our window contractor experts recommend immediate window replacement.

Always remember that broken windows pose a safety risk for your family. Here are some of the most common causes for broken windows you should pay close attention to.

#1 Weather

As mentioned above, weather can be the main culprit for broken windows. Even though windows are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, sometimes harsh weather conditions can damage them. Constantly facing storms, winds and snowfalls can make your windows vulnerable. Choosing a window replacement made with stronger materials than traditional ones can aid protect your home.

#2 Accidents

Well, if you have furniture patio or trees near your home’s windows, you risk having your windows damaged. Maybe a sudden powerful wind will move the furniture around and break your windows. Or a storm might break the tree branches near the house and break the glass. No matter the case, you should know that accidents represent another cause for window damage. Choosing a window replacement as soon as possible is more than recommended.

#3 Age

Old windows tend to break easily. And this applies to both the frame and glass panes. Even though you might’ve performed regular maintenance, wear and tear have a say in this. You should know that even the smallest crack can compromise the strength and integrity of a window. A cracked or broken window due to old age must be replaced with new windows.

#4 Inadequate maneuvering

If you’re accustomed to slamming your windows shut, you should stop. Forcing your windows can cause a cracked or shattered window more often than you think of. A good break prevention measure is to handle your windows with attention. Still, if you notice there is some damage, your should replace your windows to prevent accidents.

#5 Pets

Your pet might cause a window to break, too. Jumping around the window frame isn’t a safe behavior for your furry friend. But you should pay close attention to outdoor animals, too. Sometimes birds can fly directly into the window, causing it to break.

The bottom line

Broken windows can occur due to a wide array of reasons. The most common reasons why windows break remain the weather and age. Sill, you should ask a window contractor for a professional opinion. Removing the broken window must be done with care so that you avoid further damage to your home. A window replacement can solve your problem rapidly, restoring the safety of the property.