Are you bored with the pressure layout of your condo? Are you considering carrying out condo renovation? Are you searching for condo renovation tips to turn your condo around? Do not stress out; read this write-up to the end to learn the tips you can follow.

It is important to know that condo renovation can be challenging because you are limited in what you can move around. However, here are five tips for condo renovations.

1. Get Approval

It is essential to get the condo board’s approval for your condo renovation project. Every condo has rules and regulations guiding renovating the condo, as outlined by the condo board. Whether you want to redesign or upgrade certain features of the condo, the plans must be approved by the condo board. Consequently, you must consult with the condo board giving details of your proposed project and the board will give you the specifications to follow.

2. Painting – Consider White Theme

The walls of the condo represent the major part of the building. Choosing a white colour theme for the interior painting of the condo will create a magnificent and elegant look for the condo. Hiring an experienced painting contractor will help achieve a pleasant outlook by using different shades of white.

3. Flooring

When draining the condo renovation design, consider upgrading the look of everything under your feet. You can install wood or laminated flooring on the existing condo flooring without breaking or damaging the existing flooring. Besides, installing tiles is another option to upgrade your condo flooring. Tiles are scratch-resistant and will improve the curb appeal of the condo. Your bathroom will also benefit from tile installation.

4. Storage

Ensure to include additional storage in each room. There several clever ways to introduce new storage without encumbering the available space in your condo. You can erect a kitchen island underneath to store utensils. Another design is a day bed on the balcony to open into a storage trunk under it. Look for creative storage additions to improve space management in the condo.

5. Handles’ Replacement

Another condo renovation tip is to replace the handles or knobs of your bathroom door, kitchen door, and cabinet knobs. This will refresh the look of the kitchen, bathroom, and condo interior.


Follow the above condo renovation tips to bring freshness to your condo and enhance its visual appeal. Condo renovation need not cost an arm and a leg. You can transform your condo with little renovation ideas like those shared above.