Several dangers are connected to a damp basement. To avoid the potential danger in a basement not waterproofed, hiring an experienced for basement waterproofing is the way to prevent desirable incidents.

There are many steps or processes involved in basement waterproofing. Below are the crucial steps involved:

1. Excavation

Basement waterproofing involves removing soil and debris around the footings of the building to expose the weeping tiles. The digging is usually up to 8 feet deep and several feet wide.

2. Wall Assessment and Cleaning

This is a crucial process in basement waterproofing as it will expose the exterior foundation, soil and loose concrete, which will be removed. The wall will be washed to expose the sources of water seepage by looking out for cracks and fine lines on the dug exterior foundation wall.

3. Sealing of Foundation Cracks

All the cracks or holes on the exterior foundation walls will be sealed and repaired to make it structurally sound again. High-quality hydraulic cement is usually for the repair work.

4. Installation of Liquid Membrane

Additional protection is added to the foundation wall and footings after selling cracks on the foundation walls. The liquid membrane is applied for waterproofing the wall.

5. Installation of Drain Tile

The drain tile or weeping tile will be installed to drain water coming against the foundation walls. Washed gravel and perforated PVC pipe are used in the installation of a weeping tile.

6. Final Layers

Basement waterproofing will be concluded by pouring 16-inch gravel on the perforated PVC pipe for draining water coming to the foundation wall. After this, the excavation area will be backfilled with soil. That step concludes the basement waterproofing process to protect the home from water leakage, dampness, and attendant side effects.


The entire basement waterproofing processes require expertise and precision to ensure that the project succeeds and water is under control in the basement. As a result, a professional should be hired for the project.

Avoid common issues that unavoidably happen in homes with the basement not waterproofed. The cost of waterproofing the basement is lower than property damage and damage control and restoration. Spend on basement waterproofing today and have peace of mind forever.