With 2021 just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to upgrade the look of your Los Angeles home. The right door and window combination can elevate the value and curb appeal of your home instantly.

With industrial interiors making a comeback this year, black steel doors and windows and windows are all the rage. Not only do they provide the opportunity to maximize natural light in homes, but they can also add definition to your interior.

Here are some excellent black steel door and window ideas for your home in Los Angeles.

Pocket Doors for Private Nooks

Pocket doors are an excellent addition to your home because they add subtle elegance to any room. If you’re looking to separate a section of your home but don’t want a boring white wall, pocket doors can help you achieve the look you want. Whether it’s a dining room or a small outdoor space, these black steel pocket doors look undoubtedly stunning—and the best part: they add a modern feel without taking up much space.

Enjoy Easy Access with Sliding Doors

The versatile beauty and functionality that comes with modern sliding doors is unparalleled. This space-saving option opens up your home and ensures maximum natural light. These multipurpose doors can be installed just about anywhere, from patio entrances and home offices to bathroom shower areas.

Fun and Functionality with Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are an innovative door design that’s a great alternative to the traditional single-door design. These doors have a separate top and bottom panel that look great and offer great functionality too. Open the top panel for the cool breeze without worrying about the cat getting out unattended.

This door design works great for back door entrances and smaller spaces where a double-door would look disproportionately large. At the same time, you get an eye-catching piece that’s sure to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Luxurious Touch with Bi-Fold Doors

Open up your home with steel accordion doors that add a luxurious and expansive feel to your home. Perfect for homes with large patios and outdoor space that demands easy access. The simple, sleek design of bi-fold doors stands out and complements the contemporary and minimalist home aesthetic perfectly.

Close the doors for times when you want some privacy or open them all the way to host your indoor/outdoor party with ease. Whatever you choose, the outcome is bound to look great.

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