If you were of a mind to commission art for your home or office, you could certainly hire someone to paint a few paintings or create some sculptures. There are hungry artists waiting to go to work just about everywhere. But if you wanted something more than art, something that performs some sort of function in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, you could invest in functional art.

Yes, functional art is a real thing. It is so real that Salt Lake City’s Master Craftsman has built an entire business around it. And they are not alone. Both individual artists and design firms across the country have made functional art the hottest thing in interior design.

Whether or not it matters to you depends on your perspective. Needless to say, there are particularly good reasons to consider investing in functional art. There are also reasons to pass it by. Ultimately, you are the one who must decide how to invest your money.

 A Floor as Artwork

So, just what kinds of pieces can functional artists create? There really is no limit. They can create anything your mind can dream up. Something as simple as the flooring in a commercial space can be construed as artwork if it is designed and implemented properly.

Modern Craftsman designs functional art floors utilizing both wood and concrete. Choose one material or the other. Better yet, combine the two materials. A beautifully sealed natural wood product can work together with a dyed and stamped concrete to offer a floor so beautiful you might not want to walk on it.

Therein lies one of the downsides to functional art. If it looks too good, people might be unwilling to take advantage of its function. Craftsmen have to find that delicate balance between pieces that will be used and those that will not.

  Custom Furniture as Art

The concept of functional art isn’t new. In the furniture arena, it is a concept that has been practiced for centuries. Furniture designers have long considered what they do as much an art form as a practical skill. Some of the most unique design styles in history are also some of the most artistic.

Interior furniture designed as functional art can be made of nearly anything. Wood, metal, plastic, and other materials are all on the table. The same is true for outdoor furniture, though concrete seems to be very popular in exterior environments right now.

 Reception Desks as Art

Not all functional art pieces have to be for the exclusive use of guests. In a commercial setting, pieces utilized by employees also qualify. Take the typical reception desk. Rather than a simple wooden frame with a laminate, top a reception desk made with a combination of metal, wood and concrete can become the centerpiece of a commercial building’s lobby.

As a functional piece, it offers receptionists a convenient place to do their work. As a piece of art, it welcomes guests with a breathtaking presentation that will hopefully be remembered. Two tasks accomplished with a single piece created by an artist who understands the balance between form and function.

  Nothing Is Off Limits

The true beauty of functional art is that nothing is off limits. From concrete countertops to custom wood décor, the best in the business can create whatever you can imagine – and then some. The question is whether or not you have the imagination to inspire and the budget to pay for that inspiration.

Now you should understand what functional art is. Whether or not you care is entirely up to you.