Buying a home may seem challenging, but it can be easy with the right guidance and support. Cohen Handler’s Agency ensures to make the home buying process a stress-free process. Buying agents at Cohen Handler’s make a reliable and suitable real estate purchase. Since 2009, it has transacted properties worth between $300K and $31 million, so why not give them a chance to transact your property. Their unique research report and dynamic property management have led to many successful purchases.



Property Buyers Agent-Cohen Handler ensures you a smooth home purchase. It supports and guides you to make the right buying decision. The buyer’s agent can help you make an offer and negotiate with the sellers on a price. They are also aware of properties that are not advertised. Therefore, they can help you find your desired place.

Here is the list of things we consider before buying a house for you.


  1. Your Budget

Budgeting is crucial when buying a house. The buyer’s agent at Cohen Handler considers it all – your bills, monthly income spending, taxes, maintenance expenses, insurance, etc. before buying a suitable house. Our sale advisors leave no stone unturned in suggesting you the best purchasing plan. We provide you with ease and comfort throughout the process.


  1. Experienced agents at Cohen Handlers

You can find trustworthy and honest agents at Cohen Handlers. The more experience the agent has, the merrier it is. At Cohen Handler’s, you can read reviews and recommendations from people who have worked with the agent and then select an agent for yourself. His skills and knowledge about real estate trends and market values will help you find a suitable house.


  1. Inspection

Our buyer’s agent does not overlook things during the buying process. He inspects the house and informs you if there is any replacement required. We rectify all the things – leaking ceilings, faulty electrical components, cracked walls before buying the house for you. We have a track record of over 40,000 inspections, and all our investors are content with us.


  1. We don’t rush

We don’t rush on things when buying a house. Buying a house is a big investment, so we make sure to do all the things accurately. We survey the house to detect faults before buying it for you. Here’s a list of small and important things we scrutinize:

  • The functionality of doors and windows.
  • Operational wall sockets.
  • The working condition of sinks and toilets.
  • Organization of the wires in an electrical panel.


  1. We don’t Overpay

You might get excited and emotional seeing your dream house and overpay, but we don’t let you do it. We guarantee to buy you a house that is affordable and caters to all your needs. Overpaying would make you lose control of your financial situation. Hence, it is important to plan the budget for your house properly.