Without a doubt, the cool air coming from the HVAC unit is one of the most comforting things you can get in your home during the summer. If your air conditioning system should break down during this period, you can be certain that your home will be almost unlivable.

Before calling a professional HVAC contractor for HVAC maintenance and repair, you should first determine whether your HVAC is broken or not. I view of this, let’s show you how to know if your HVAC is broken.

·       Poor airflow

If the air coming from your HVAC system is not sufficient, you should note that the HVAC is broken. This problem will make your HVAC unit work relentlessly without making your home comfortable enough. The common causes include a broken motor or clogged air filter.

·       Hot air

Once you notice that your HVAC is blowing hot air, you don’t need anyone to tell you that the unit is malfunctioning already. In most cases, the cause of this problem is a faulty compressor. However, a leaky refrigerant may be the culprit in a few situations. Whatever the cause may be, the most important thing is that your HVAC is broken and requires the services of a seasoned HVAC expert.

·       Moisture around the unit

Have you noticed leaks or moisture around the HVAC unit? If yes, your HVAC unit is probably broken. In most situations, the issues are caused by a blocked drain that requires HVAC maintenance. In other cases, a refrigerant leak may be the issue. Regardless of the problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to repair the unit to prevent moisture from building up around your air conditioning system.

·       Bad smells

Go near your HVAC unit. Is any bad smell coming out of it? This could be because of a maintenance issue that has led to microbial growth inside your HVAC system. In general, duct cleaning, air conditioner tune-up, or ultraviolet lamps can be utilized to get rid of the foul odors in your HVAC unit.

·       High humidity levels

As your HVAC unit works, it pulls the humidity from the air within your house. Therefore, if the humidity levels inside your home are high, you don’t need anyone to tell you that your AC unit is faulty. This can be noted when the air inside your house feels sticky or when water pools near your windows. Whatever issue you might have noticed, let a professional offer you top-quality HVAC maintenance services.

·       Strange sounds

As your HVAC system is working, you should normally notice the gentle sound of the motor. However, if you can hear grating, grinding, squealing, or other usual sounds, your HVAC unit may be broken. Although the problem may not be serious in some cases, it could lead to serious damages to your air conditioning system in other situations. So, don’t wait before getting in touch with an HVAC expert.

To prevent your HVAC unit from breaking down, you should not overlook the importance of regular HVAC maintenance.