Water damage costs the insurance industry about $2.5 billion every year, with that amount likely to double if precautions are not put in place. Fortunately, construction companies have invented means to battle water damage, lowering the risk by almost 100%. Such means is what we call waterproofing, which is further divided into interior and exterior basement waterproofing. However, this article will only be focusing on interior waterproofing.

Reasons for Interior Waterproofing

1. Inaccessibility of the affected area from outside the basement.

Most waterproof needs are usually inside the basement. However, that doesn’t mean the solution cannot be executed from outside the basement walls. But in the case where the affected area cannot be accessed from outside, interior waterproofing becomes necessary.

2. Interior waterproofing is a cheaper option.

Are you looking for a cheaper option between interior and exterior waterproofing? If yes, then interior wins for you. Interior waterproofing requires fewer materials and manpower, unlike exterior waterproofing which consumes a lot of resources.

Benefits of Interior Waterproofing

1. Prevents mold

Mold is one of the many menaces that are associated with water damage in the basement. Mold is responsible for various ailments, including allergens, triggering allergic reactions in anyone with a weak immune system.

2. Good air quality

With moisture out of your way and all the foul odor that comes with it, you’re certain to breathe in good air. Investing in interior waterproofing is a good investment for your health and that of the other residents.

3. Prevents basement flooding

While this is common knowledge, it’s still important to mention. Interior waterproofing is great at stopping basement flooding, as it works tirelessly to keep your basement fry from inside. Basement flooding is one of the main causes of severe water damage in the States.

4. Protects your sump pump

While installing a sump pump counts as interior waterproofing, however, investing in other forms of interior waterproofing helps to protect your sump pump by reducing workload. Interior waterproofing also serves as a backup for whenever there is a power outage.

5. Prevents structural damage

Waterproofing prevents structural damage. Structural damage is common in buildings that suffer regular water damage which is dangerous and poses a threat to the lives of the residents. Asides from prioritizing life and property, structural damage can also drastically reduce the value of one’s home. To make sure you get good money if you ever sell your home, invest in interior waterproofing.