One of the most in-use places in our houses is the bathroom. Whether you want to create a simple bathroom design or a bold and dramatic space, you can simply achieve any look with the help of Tiles!

Tiles play a significant role because not only do they waterproof the bathing area, but they also determine its overall style and looks. That’s why, selecting the suitable tiles for your bathroom is an extremely important step in your bathroom remodelling or renovation process.

With so many options available in the market in terms of materials, shapes, sizes, finishes, colors, and patterns, sometimes it’s confusing to select the suitable ones for space. To help you out today, we’ve come up with five useful tips which you can help you easily select the right tiles for the bathroom.

So, here are 5 tips on how to choose the best tiles for your bathroom:

   Size of the Bathroom

The first and foremost step in the bathroom renovation or update process is to measure the size of the bathroom. This will help you determine the further next steps and to know what kind of tiles will look best in your bathroom.

For example, if your bathroom is large, you can go with large tiles and designs. Whereas for the small spaces, you have to select the color theme and tiles accordingly and more accurately.

  1. Set The Budget

Before you start tile shopping, it’s vital to know your budget so that later your entire project will not go out of your hands. You can distribute your budget according to the costs of wall tiles and floor tiles separately. If you want something luxurious and glamorous like marble tiles or metallic tiles, it’s better to know their price range first.

  1. Quantity & Material

Bathroom tiles come in a wide range of materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, mosaic, and many more. So, decide what kind of tile material will be suitable for your bathroom.

Generally, people prefer ceramic and porcelain because of their durability and ease of maintenance. However, you can select whatever you like. Try to pick the matte finish, textured or anti-skid tiles because bathrooms are prone to getting slippery when wet. After this, also make sure to know the number of tiles you’ll need to cover your bathroom walls and floors.

  1. Choose a Color Palette

Selecting a particular theme or color palette for your powder room will not only provide a clean and finished look but also keeps you on a proper budget. Plus, it’s super fun to select the theme.

You can go with the neutral tones or the contrasting theme or even mix and match various colors to create something unique.

  1. Select Designs & Patterns

After you’re done with the theme selection, you can move further to the design or pattern selection. If you like a minimalist effect, go with the clean-cut, simple options like classic marble or subway tiles. However, if you want to create something bold, go with the geometric, boho-chic tile patterns.


So, these are the five important tips while selecting tiles for the bathroom. These points will surely help you to pick the tiles that are most suitable for your bathroom. You can create any look or design for your bathroom with the help of tiles so you always have an attractive bathing space to take a relaxing bath.