Ventilation ducts have become a key component of countless modern kitchens, keeping them supplied with fresh air. While the very purpose of these ducts is to keep the air clean, the ducts themselves require cleaning too. Accumulation of dirt and grease would prevent the ducts from expelling the exhaust air or supplying fresh air efficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to hire degreasing and other cleaning services for the ventilation ducts at regular intervals.

What is degreasing?

Over time, dust, dirt and grease start to build up inside ventilation ducts. Grease is especially a major problem in case of kitchen hoods. Excessive build-up blocks up the ducts and poses several hazards. At such times, it is necessary to clean the ducts to get rid of the grease. This calls for degreasing services, where professionals implement sophisticated techniques to clean the ducts.

Why is it necessary to clean the ventilation ducts?

Be it is a commercial establishment or your personal residence, keeping the ventilation ducts clean is crucial. There are several reasons why you might consider hiring degreasing services for the ducts:

  • Air quality: The most common issue that greasy and dirty ventilation ducts cause is the deterioration of air quality. When dirt builds up inside the ducts that supply air to the room, eventually the contaminants start flowing into the room with the air. Polluted air is known to be quite harmful to respiratory health. Such air quality can cause severe problems for people suffering from asthma and other diseases that cause breathing difficulties. While using air purifiers is still an option, it is much more economical to simply clean your ducts once in a while.
  • Fire hazard: An accumulation of grease in kitchen ventilation ducts can potentially lead to a fire hazard. Kitchen grease usually contains oil and other inflammable substances. Especially when grease builds up in the kitchen hood, the fire may tend to leap up and reach it. This would likely set fire to the grease. As the grease is highly inflammable, the fire would spread rapidly through the ducts and reach other parts of the building. It can not only damage the property, but also puts the lives of the occupants at risk,
  • Airflow: The main purpose that the ventilation ducts serve is to maintain a constant flow of air in the room. However, when dirt and mold build up inside the ducts, they block the flow. Thus, an accumulation of dirt can potentially leave your ventilation ducts useless or inefficient. Such a condition is usually easy to detect due to the odors that it causes. A decrease in the flow of air is a potential sign of a blocked air duct too.
  • Efficient air conditioning: Air conditioners function much more efficiently when the air moves around freely. This is because the AC would then have to spend less effort. However, when the air gets heavy with dirt, the air conditioner has to work harder and therefore consumes more energy. Apart from this, lack of efficient ventilation in an air-conditioned space can cause the ambience to turn quite uncomfortable. If the room turns stuffy while the AC is running, chances are high that the ventilation system is not working properly.
  • Clean environment: Particles of dirt in the air can potentially contaminate the environment of a room. The contaminants would settle on surfaces such as furniture and even into food and drinks. This can lead to major health hazards in the long run.

Hiring one of the leading ventilation duct cleaning companies would certainly pay off. With years of experience and sophisticated equipment, their professionals would clean up the ducts efficiently and effectively.