Does it feel like your home is lacking in the curb appeal department? Does your landscaping leave a lot to be desired? Is your backyard design almost non-existent? Would you love to make more use of the outdoors but just don’t find your yard welcoming or appealing? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then it’s probably time to add some trendy pops. Here’s a look at three landscaping and backyard design trends that are hot for 2021 and will add personality to your yard.

Consider Rock for Landscaping

If you’re looking for a no-fuss material that can add visual appeal and serve a function, then you may want to consider rock for landscaping. You can purchase it in bulk, and it comes in a wide array of sizes and colors, allowing you to customize the look. Rock also gives you a way to bring more elements of nature into your overall design concept.

With rock, you don’t have to worry about any regular maintenance, and it stays looking great for the years to come. Some popular options include:

  • River rock
  • Round pebbles
  • Crushed rock

Depending on the scope of the project, you may want to use a blend of these options.

A Toned Down and Simplified Garden

For some people, the wilder the garden the better but that overgrown look is far from trendy for 2021. This year it’s all about a more toned-down approach, a more organized and simplified garden. You want to give each item space and room to breathe and grow.

This trend can be applied to any new garden you decide to plant and to existing ones. It may be time to do some pruning, cut back overgrown bushes and even remove items if there is just too much in one area.

Experts tend to recommend that homeowners choose perennials, so you don’t have to plant things each year. Group your plants based on their water needs putting like ones together, pick perennials that are hardy and tolerant to your climate, and ensure there is always adequate space between the plants.

Create a More Natural Sense of Privacy

Using landscaping to help you create privacy in your yard is another hot trend. Homeowners typically put up a privacy fence and figure that’s all that is needed. While it will serve its purpose, it doesn’t add much in terms of ambiance and visual appeal. Any time you can use natural elements to create a sense of privacy, you’ll end up with something much more eye-catching and unique.

Some great ways you can create a sense of privacy more naturally include:

  • Large bushes that grow tall and wide
  • Any plant that has a large crown
  • Natural rock walls
  • Trees and hedges
  • Build a living wall, which is a wall with plants growing on and in it
  • A wall of water, which is a water feature that has become quite popular

Creating a more natural sense of privacy will require you to step outside the box, so don’t be afraid to explore unique ideas.

A Much-Improved Outdoor Space

Each of these trends will help you to improve your outdoor space.

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