The summer season is upon us and people across the country are beginning to refresh their garden spaces and spend the warmer days outside in their private natural space. One of the most popular assets in 2021, is the summer house, which has returned to trend as a result of them becoming more affordable and practical. These outbuildings give the opportunity for residents to not only revel in their natural space but also have the option to do so on colder, wetter days, while enjoying a private, covered space in their garden.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your summer house or are considering taking the leap and installing your own, we’ve put together five great uses for your summer home that will keep you entertained, cosy, and relaxed this year.

Wellness Space 

As we continue to transition into a post-pandemic society, mental wellbeing remains at the forefront of many minds. This is having a great impact on interior design and home renovations too, which a greater number of people seeking to ensure their home contributes to their happiness.

Summer houses can be the ideal space to create a natural, open room that allows you to switch off and relax without distraction. To achieve this, ensure that you decorate the room with your favourite designs and colours, as well as with paintings and photographs that bring you joy. 

Creative Studio 

Sometimes hobbies and interests can fizzle out because they aren’t given the resources or space to flourish. Summer houses are the perfect place to enable them, whether you are an artist looking to sculpt and create or a collector looking to store and catalogue. These outbuildings are ideal because they allow residents a studio space away from their personal homes, which can be important for the creative process.

Entertainment Room 

Whether you are looking for an ideal room for your cinema projector or want a distraction-free zone that enables you to play video games, a summer house can become the ideal destination for your entertainment. Since summer house design is highly malleable, with potential for utilities and insulation to be installed, it makes it a low-cost option for those wanting to dedicate more of their home to entertainment, especially if there isn’t enough pre-existing space in the property. 

Guest House 

Hosting friends and family within the home can be a wonderful experience. However, it can occasionally feel cramped, leaving both parties eager for their own space and greater privacy. By transforming your summer home into a guest house, your visitors will have their own room to relax and retire to, making it easy and enjoyable to host regularly. 

Office Space 

Remote working is one of the most significant changes to professional spaces over the past few years. As more people seek to enjoy the flexible home-based working environment, summer houses and other outbuildings are being turned into offices. They are the ideal space for many because, as newly remote employees soon discover, working from your home can quickly lead to the merging of personal and professional spaces, something which summer houses help to avoid.