For any home owner, protection of the family and the security of the property are two primary concerns around the clock. While some people believe that a break-in is never going to happen in their house, others who are more prudent believe in taking precautions and set up systems that ensure a safe environment and peace of mind. Certain measures like installing home alarms help reduce the possibility of theft or burglary in the house.

There are thousands of alarm systems available on the shelves today however, it can be baffling for a common person to choose one. With technology seeping into all walks of our lives modern alarms have become increasing feature rich. Before choosing one alarm system you need to understand that modern day alarms are much more than sound boxes that alert you of an intruder. If you are unable the assess the capabilities of an alarm system, then you need to know what features are must have in these times.

Three must have capabilities for the modern home alarms 

  • Camera system – Both the interior and the exterior of the premises should be visible in the alarm system that you choose today. You don’t just need to re is an intruder but also know where they are, how do they look, whether they are armed, etc. The last thing you want is to open the door for a supposed delivery only to confront a thug.
  • Monitoring capacity – What is the use of a system you can figure out what is going on in your home when you are out and about. Modern alarm systems come equipped with remote monitoring functionality so you can keep an eye on your home both inside and outside even if you are off camping on a hill. With Internet in your pockets these days, you should be able to tell whether the kids have reached home safely.
  • Alerts for elderly – We are not talking about simply viewing our elderly but today the alarm systems enable residents to get help with a push of a button. Simply pressing a button on the phone, on the wall or on the bedside will alert the emergency services as well as family members of urgent assistance required.

Other optional features of modern home alarms

  • Gas detection – Different gases like carbon monoxide, butane, cooking gas, or simple smoke can prove fatal when it comes to the health of your family members. Today the alarms in our homes can alert of any form of gas leaks or unwanted over saturation of certain gases in our homes. Although these detectors are sold separately, the new age home alarms come equipped with them to enable home owners protect their family from much more than burglars and fires.
  • Manage the household expense – An ideal alarm system helps the users control the house and monitor various aspects of it through an iPad or iPhone or a laptop. Controlling the house means not just the camera system but the thermostat, the lights and other appliances as well. This means that the house is always at the right temperature and the appliances are running only when they are supposed to run.

Today the average home owner might not be so well versed with the modern home alarms because these safety systems have evolved into much more than sound alarms. While it is easy to buy one off the shelf and adopt the DIY approach, consulting a professional before the purchase or asking for help from the sales assistant is the right thing to do. The last thing you want is the alarms not going off or falling short of your requirements when you need it the most.