According to Mark Roemer Oakland, not all housing trends are the same. Most housing trends are short-term that only affect a specific region or locality and fade off within a decade. However, certain housing trends last for more than a few decades and some even have the potential to outlast centuries.

The Trends

Here are a few housing trends that are taking the world by storm:

  1. Multiple master suites – Multi-generational homes are becoming increasingly common where more than one generation lives under one roof. The key reason for this is the steep rise in real estate prices and the unavailability of residential properties at suitable locations. Add to that the increasing expenses of living in tier-one cities and young families can’t afford to save for a new home.

Thus, it makes sense to create two or more master suites when more than one adult family has to live in a single home for privacy. Plus, it allows both families to manage the monthly expenses, share the resources, and save money for a deposit.

  1. Open-plan space – Open-plan space designs help to stay in touch with your family members almost every moment you are in your house and form a deeper connection with your loved ones. Thus, it’s all about increasing the interactivity and quality of connection. Homes with open plan have a shared large communal activity area where many people can do many different activities at once. This results in a friendlier and welcoming ambiance.

Not to mention, it allows ample space to participate in a session of board games or sit down to enjoy a movie night and have some fun.

  1. Sustainable homes – Modern people have learned that they have to live in peace with their environment if they want to avoid catastrophic troubles in the future that occur due to ignorance and negligence.

Most people are now opting for sustainable home designs that would allow them to operate as a self-sustainable unit or as a part of the local community that can generate its own power. Typically, this includes installing solar arrays to store solar energy in order to reduce energy bills, rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly home design, furnishing the home with energy-efficient appliances, and more.

  1. Tricked-out sheds, man caves, rec rooms, and quiet spaces – Many people love to dedicate a special room in their homes that would allow them to indulge in their favorite hobbies. These are known as ‘man caves’ but ignoring the term aside, these special rooms are designed to spend some quality time with your close friends, family, or even by yourself.

Quiet spaces, on the contrary, are designed to offer you peace and calm when you feel too excited due to too much stimulation. These can be your typical library, a meditation and yoga room, or a simple space that includes internal courtyards, enormous skylights, and indoor gardens.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you pay close attention to these home trends but don’t follow them blindly. It is important to consider whether you really need to follow such trends or not.