Run a search for a plumber in any city and you’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of listings. Starting out as a plumbing business is not very difficult; all you need is a van and the tools. This is why so many seem to pop up and disappear just as fast. It is your job to look out for red flags when working with a service so you don’t get taken advantage of. Here are some of the signs that you are working with the wrong plumbing service.

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They Ask for Too Much Upfront

If you’re calling a plumber in for a major job, it’s normal for them to ask for a deposit. But, if they ask for more than 10% upfront, this should be seen as a red flag. If they say that it’s for materials, ask what materials they need and offer to pay for them yourself. There is no reason for a plumber to ask for a deposit for a minor job or a large deposit before you’ve seen the results.

Some businesses will also use a pay-as-you-go system where you’ll pay once certain milestones are met. This is usually the most convenient payment method as you can see what you’re paying for, and you could cancel the job if you don’t like how they’re working.

You Can’t Track Them Down

If you run a search for a plumber and all you get is the picture of a parking lot in the business listings, this is another red flag. They should be operating from a real location with an office preferably. Some plumbers operate out of their van, but you’d be working with those at your own risk. This means that they will not be as firmly implanted in the community and could leave at any time. If you’re looking for a plumber Ambler PA, make sure that they have a verifiable track record and have a long history working with people in the area.

You Can’t Understand a Word of What They’re Saying

Any plumber who can’t explain things in plain English to you should be avoided. Scammers will usually use elaborate jargon to confuse people and push them to agree to things they shouldn’t. You should be able to understand the nature of the problem, and they should be able to explain what they are doing and why.

You should know that plumbers may legitimately discover something that should be fixed. In this case, they should be able to explain what the nature of the issue is and what should be done. You shouldn’t feel pressured to get it fixed, but if it makes the job more difficult, you have to be ready to accept changes in scope and price.

They Don’t Respect Your Time and Your Home

A good plumber should respect you and your household. They will show up for appointments on time and will treat your home just like theirs. If you notice that they bring in equipment with little care, walk on your carpets with their dirty boots, or leave a mess when they leave, you might want to scratch them off your list.

These are all clear signs that a plumber should not be trusted. Take the time to verify any plumber’s credentials, history, and practices before you hire anyone.