There are numerous things you can add to your bathroom to make it look and feel more comfortable. Items such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, chairs, and towels are just some of the things you can add to your bathroom. You can also add lighting, window treatments, bath accessories, and rugs as part of the shower remodel.

Your shower is a great place to add some personality and style to your bathroom. Shower accessories, such as soap dishes and shower curtains can be used in many ways to create an attractive atmosphere in your shower.

You can even install photo tiles with pictures of your family or children near the area where you bathe so that they can surround you while you relax. This way, you can have a sense of being surrounded by all those that you hold dear. If you want to incorporate your personality into your bathroom and add some style and class, then adding designer accessories is also another good option.

  • Some bathroom flooring options include tile, vinyl rolls/sheets, carpeting, laminates, or cork. Tiles are a fantastic alternative because they make for easy clean-up in the event of an accident or spillage.
  • Vinyl sheets are also great for that exact reason, and they also add a nice texture to the floor. Laminates and cork are another great options for bathroom flooring because it gives the room a cozy feeling and adds character.
  • Bathroom cabinets can be used for all storage needs such as clothes, towels, toiletries, medicine, or cleaning products. Cabinets come in all different styles, colours, and sizes. For example, the upper cabinets are perfect for shampoo or body wash bottles. Under-cabinet lighting is also a great feature to have because it creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Counters come in all different styles, but granite is the most popular choice for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Countertops can be used to store things like shaving cream and lotions,
  • Lighting is an essential part of any room because it creates a mood. You could have overhead lighting or wall sconces for task lighting. The accent lighting could include spotlights on paintings, lighted showerheads, and lights underneath cabinets.
  • Window treatments such as curtains and blinds can also add a splash of style to your bathroom. Curtains will make for more privacy while blinds let in natural light and give you the option to open them or close them during certain times of the day.
  • Bath mats, shower curtains, bath rugs, and a toilet brush are great additions to remodelling your bathroom. Bath mats will add comfort and style to the shower or tub area, while the bath rug can be placed at the shower entrance or beside the vanity. A toilet brush is also a good addition because it keeps everything in order and gives you options such as scrubbing attachments with different bristles.

These items can be added at any time during a bathroom remodel and would make for some great décor. Of course, if you’re looking to save money, some or all of these accessories could be added once the renovation is done as well.