choosing kitchen taps and kitchen sinks

When you are remodeling your kitchen the devil can really be in the detail, and the fittings which you choose is what will bring the theme to life. Fittings is the umbrella term which is used to refer to the smaller installations in the kitchen. These fittings could include kitchen sinks, taps, drawer and closet handles, light switches and even drainage covers. Whilst small in size, combined they bring together the colors and styles of your kitchen and help to elevate the overall design.

To get the right fittings for your kitchen, here is what you should be looking to consider.

Mixing With The Hardware

The countertops and the general hardware which you use in the kitchen is the most striking aspect of the design, so all details and fittings must work well against the dominant colors and textures. The best way to pick out fittings like handles or kitchen mixers, is to actually see them for yourself in store. Sometimes you may think that polished brass works well with ivy green, but seeing it in the flesh could change your mind.

Looking Into Themes

If you are going for an ultra-modern kitchen then traditional style taps or floral-designed handles are not really going to help you in delivering that theme. Equally, bright and shiny chrome is not going to be the best look for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Tried to educate yourself on what certain themes call for with regards to the details, you can find this kind of information online and in magazines.

Considering Price

Whilst these details may be small in size, the price is very rarely small. Kitchen sinks for example can range from low cost if buying a small stainless steel option, or high cost with a farmhouse-style basin made from ceramic. Handles may not appear to be expensive but you need to consider the volume that you require, which of course will see the overall cost rise.

Always start with the kitchen taps because these can get wildly expensive depending on the look you want, the materials used and the functionality. Most people start with sinks and taps, and then go from there.

Lighting in the Kitchen

Remember just how important that role of lighting is in the kitchen and consider what this will do to those details which you install. For example if you have spotlights in the kitchen these may create a strong glare against tiles or splash-backs which won’t look good. Additionally, consider the difference in brightness of the details between your home and a well-lit showroom. If your kitchen doesn’t welcome in a great deal of natural light those fittings may actually appear much darker than what you see in the store.

Marrying Together

And finally think about how all of the details which you have picked out will marry together when they are added to the kitchen. Think about the size, style, shape, color and textures of your details and aim to match them both with each other, and with the overall style and backdrop of your newly decorated kitchen.

Focus first on the general theme and colors of your kitchen, and then ensure that you bring in details that help to create the style you have dreamed up.