If you’re growing your own plants from seed, there are a number of ways you can maximise your yields and ensure healthy plants throughout the year. Growing from seed can be productive, profitable and enjoyable and it’s also a great way to diversify the plants you are growing and experiment with new species. From planting techniques to seed treatments, whatever you are growing, give your plants a head start with these expert tips.

1) Plan ahead carefully

It’s very important to plan ahead when it comes to growing from seed, so you can make sure your plants are growing at the correct time for maximum growth. Pay attention to the growing instructions on the packet and find out when they will need to be moved outside as well as when the plants should flower. Make sure you don’t sow seeds too early and label your seed trays or plant pots to avoid any confusion down the line. It’s also a good idea to keep records of your plant propagation and evaluate what went right and wrong at the end of the season.

2) Invest in a quality seed treatment

If you’re serious about successful growing, seed treatments are an incredibly useful tool. Containing biostimulants to improve photosynthesis activity and increase root mass and nutrient use efficiency, seed treatments are an ideal way to ensure healthy plants. Professional growers use seed treatments to ensure their plants get off to a healthy start, and there are a variety of specialised treatments you can choose for certain plants, as well as general treatments.

3) Don’t sow seeds too close together

Try and make sure there is enough room between your seedlings for them to grow their own root system and not tangle. This will also prevent disease and allow your plants to grow better with less competition. You can also moisten the soil before you plant your seedlings to allow for better moisture absorption in the future. Overcrowding can be one of the biggest reasons seeds fail so make sure you give your seeds enough room to grow.

4) Keep your seedlings warm

To make sure seeds germinate quickly, you can warm them with a heated mat and cloche covers. By keeping seedlings warm, you can keep in moisture and shorten the time it takes to establish your plants. You can also keep your seed trays near a radiator for extra warmth, but make sure they don’t dry out.

5) Harden off before planting outside

As soon as they have germinated you can move the pots into cooler conditions but it’s important to do this slowly. You can harden off your plants before they are planted too by placing them in direct sunlight for a few hours a day and slowly increasing how long they are outside until they are strong enough.