Radon is a tasteless gas, odorless and invisible, and can seep into the home through cracks in floors, foundations, or the basement. It’s not something you should ignore because it has no immediate symptoms to show you it’s there. Radon is radioactive and carcinogenic, so it can still pose a grave health risk even if you’re not feeling sick.

Water, soil, and rock underneath the foundation of your home can give off radon gas. Pets and smoking add to that risk, too. If the place you stay is old or have other issues that increase the chances you’ll have high radon levels in your home, consider consulting radon treatment in New Jersey as there are experts who can help you remove this dangerous gas from your house.

How to get rid of Radon

  • Water your yard and gardening – Radon can be present in the soil of your yard and garden. Water your lawn, don’t fertilize it heavily, and grow plants that require less fertilizer, such as marigolds.
  • Ventilate your basement – Ventilate your basement by opening windows or doors so that fresh air can come inside. This will lower the radon levels in the room and prevent them from seeping into other home parts. Alternatively, you can exchange radon-rich air with fresh and clean air by installing a ventilation system to suck out lousy air and bring it outside where it’ll be exchanged with clean air from outside.
  • Buy a Radon kit – Buy a kit that will assist you in collecting radon gas and testing it. The kit can come as a kit that you can take to your home or as a kit that you can carry with you when you go to the store. Check to see if the kit comes with special gloves and seal-tight bags, too.
  • Shut off your water supply – At least 24 hours before taking samples from your water, shut off the water using a valve or shut down your faucet from inside or outside your home so that you have no water flow for at least two days.
  • Have an expert handle it – If you find high levels of radon in your home, consult an expert who knows how to calculate and remove radon levels without hurting the health of your family. Radon removal experts use special equipment to collect the gas for testing and then separate them into smaller bags to be sent to a lab for analysis.

Radon is a radioactive gas that can quickly build up inside the home and affect your family’s health. Take action today and protect your family from this silent killer!