The kitchen, in its various shapes and sizes, is the heart of the home. The space witnesses the cooking of delicious meals with your loved ones that creates special memories . As much as cooking is enjoyable, the whole task of cleaning up the grease and water splatters is a little messy. Kitchen surfaces and walls accumulate dirt by the constant activity of storing and preparation of food. Kitchen rebuilding is not the solution to it. Here’s when kitchen backsplash comes to your rescue.

What is a kitchen backsplash?

The kitchen backsplash is a vertical extension to a countertop that covers the area of walls. It can extend up to a ceiling or just a few inches high from the counter. Mainly, the backsplash protects the wall behind the sink against water damage from splashing. Besides protecting your wall, backsplashes spice up your kitchen interior too. While tiles require a renovation project, a removable backsplash is a budget-friendly option one can choose. Decorating/redecorating your kitchen backsplashes can be a fun DIY project with your loved one.

Decorating the interiors with removable wall stickers for kitchen is an easy process. As much as they are easy to apply, these stickers for walls last longer and livens up the feel of the kitchen.

Are you looking to redesign your kitchen?Read on to get inspired by our attractive stickers for walls and personalize them to your taste.

1.     The splash of nature

One instant way to liven up your kitchen interiors is to connect natural elements to them. The Biophilic lifestyle encourages us to be more connected to nature as it adds to our physical and mental well-being. What better way to do it than to add some green hue as wall stickers for kitchen?

2.     Blend the elegance

You can also elevate the beauty of your kitchen by adding more traditional designs. You can go for geometric wall stickers for kitchen in various colours that add a feel of richness around you. Our Damask Elegance Wall sticker which has a block-print stencil-like pattern influenced by 14th century Middle East exudes pure elegance and history. The intricate design makes it favourable to apply the wall sticker as a full wall decor.

3.     The stone cold look

Are you looking for a more contemporary vibe in your kitchen? Does modern style excite you? If your answer is Yes, the perfect pattern that fits your description is the natural stone wall sticker. You can redesign the area with stone-cold textures of jet black granite or some airy white beauty marble as wall stickers for kitchen. The look gives a classy and modern touch to your kitchen interiors.

4.     Minimalist motifs

Motifs are all the rage in home decor, and why not? They are minimalistic and help the space to breathe by adding a rich yet calm presence. For example, the beautiful Indigo motif from our assortment of wall stickers creates an abstract and airy aura for the interior. These patterns also serve as full coverage stickers for walls.

Now that you have endless options to redesign your kitchen backsplash with attractive wall stickers, there are some things that you need to know for a flawless kitchen appearance.

  • Opt for a centre stage

Having a focal point or centre stage for your kitchen space is necessary. More than often, the area around the stove draws attention. You can apply the design with more detail to the space around it while balancing the rest of the backsplash.

  • Complement your countertop

If decorative kitchen stickers and countertops add too much detail to the interior, the space can look extremely cluttered. Hence, choose complex and intriguing designs that always go well with solid or plain countertop and vice-versa.

  • Make use of craft knives for precise cuts

Utilize craft knives carefully for accurate cuts for edges and corners of stickers for walls. Craft knives are used for precision cutting, which makes it the perfect tool when cutting paper for templates. Using these knives will give you a professional and clean finish.

Make your dream kitchen a reality with Asian Paints wall stickers and elevate your experience in the kitchen.