Whether it’s a stunning photograph, a family portrait or a modern digital print, canvas prints are a great way to bring more of what you love into your home.

If you’ve purchased an unstretched canvas artwork, make sure you have it professionally stretched to protect it and get it ready for display.

Now that you’re ready to show off your canvas print in your home, here are 10 ways to display stretched canvas prints, plus tips on choosing the best location for them.

1. Unframed

The great thing about canvas is that after it’s stretched over a wooden frame, it looks amazing and ready to display as is. Unframed canvas goes well with modern interior design styles and suits both large and small artworks. It’s a good option if you want to let the print do all the talking.

2. Framed

If you like the gallery standard finish, consider adding a frame to the outside of the canvas. It’s a good way to add more depth and can help draw the eye in, particularly for busy prints.

To make sure you get a good quality frame that does your artwork justice, make sure you go to a professional framing studio that specialises in custom photo frames. They’ll be able to help you choose the frame style and materials to best suit your piece.

3. Statement piece

If you’re looking for a head turning statement piece for your living room, it’s hard to go past canvas. Because of their boxy shape, canvas prints bring depth and dimension when they’re a big size.

Keep in mind, a statement piece often dominates a room, so go for a colour palette that feels calming and attractive to you.

4. Matching set

If you’ve got a pair or set of prints that work well together, you can achieve an attractive result by hanging them together. For example, if you have three favourite photos from a family shoot, grouping them together on the wall makes sense.

For minimalist and Scandi-style homes, consider lining the matching set up in a row so that the middle point of the canvases are along a straight line. If you like a more organic display, consider the mis-matched style below.

5. Mis-matched

If you want to hang several canvas prints together, they don’t necessarily have to be from the same photoshoot to look good. Consider different works of art by the same artist or different style prints with complementary colours.

For an organic look, try getting the set of prints in different sizes and play around with the arrangement. They don’t have to be all lined up in a row to make an impact.

6. Gallery wall

Gallery walls are an amazing way to showcase lots of different artworks and photographs that are meaningful to you. Try to vary the sizes and styles of the framed art, as well as any frames you use.

Not everything in the gallery wall has to be a canvas print either. Look for paper artworks, macrame, embroidery and other types of art that can add dimension and interest.

To make sure your gallery wall looks balanced when you hang everything, cut out paper rectangles the size of each piece and play around with the arrangement before drilling any holes in the wall.

7. Sawtooth bracket

There are many ways to practically hang a canvas print. Sawtooth brackets are typically placed in the middle of the frame and can be hung on a nail or screw in the wall.

They come in different sizes, so make sure you pick the right size for your canvas. Small and medium canvases work really well with sawtooth brackets, but if you’ve got a large canvas, you might want to consider another option.

8.  Eye hooks

Eye hooks can be screwed into either side of the wooden canvas frame. Then a piece of fishing wire or string can be tied between the two hooks. It’s a discrete hanging method that’s easily adjustable, which means you can make sure your canvas is sitting exactly how you want it to.

9. J hooks

J hooks are a good choice if you have a wider canvas print. One hook will do for a small canvas, but two hooks are recommended for larger canvases to maximise stability. Just be sure that you measure carefully so that the canvas sits straight when you display it.

10. Leaning

If you’re living in a rental property or don’t want to drill holes into your wall, consider simply leaning your canvas print against the wall. You could prop it on a chair, a bookcase or on top of a cabinet. Small canvases can also be displayed on picture stands or using adhesion tape.

Where to hang your canvas print

There are no rules about where you can or can’t hang a canvas print. Look for spaces in your home that could use a bit more personality or colour. An open wall in your living room, above the toilet or an awkward corner in your kitchen are all good options.

When choosing the location for your print, think about when that space is used and what atmosphere you want to create there. For example, you might want your bedroom to feel intimate, relaxing and safe, so a wedding portrait or a photograph of your favourite place is a great idea.

At the end of the day, it’s best to follow your gut and enjoy the process. Hanging new artworks in your home can feel so refreshing. Don’t forget, you can move artworks around your home for a quick spruce up every now and then.