Portable toilets can be of great help during events, renovations, and construction sites. By renting these units you can arrange for the necessary sanitation even when a regular toilet is unavailable. A reliable company should be able to provide you with as many toilets as you need. However, you do need to decide how many are necessary.

How to determine how many portable toilets you need?

You would have to make sure that you are renting the most appropriate number of portable toilets. Otherwise, there would be long queues and a great deal of inconvenience. On the other hand, renting more units than you need is a waste of money that you could have easily avoided. Here are some of the factors to consider while calculating your portable toilet requirements:


The reason behind installing portable toilets is a crucial determining factor. If you rent them for a construction site, make sure to arrange one unit for every ten workers. However, if you need the toilets for an event, such as a wedding, one toilet per 75 guests should be enough. However, do keep an extra one just in case.

Duration of the event

Event managers need to consider the duration of an event while renting portable toilets. After all, people can use one unit only a few times before it gets too dirty. Self-contained chemical toilets also have a limited capacity. The longer the event, the more people are likely to use it. As a thumb rule, add an extra unit for every four-hour increment to the duration of the event. Thus, if a three-hour event with 150 guests needs two toilets, a six-hour event with the same number of guests would need three.

Food and beverages

It is crucial to consider if the event involves serving food and beverages, especially alcohol. If it does, more toilets would be necessary. It is a well-known fact that alcohol boosts urine production and reduces the ability to retain it. If you are hosting an event and plan to serve alcohol, expect that you would need around 20% more rental toilets. Not considering beverages can prove to be disastrous, resulting in overflowing toilets.

Separating toilets based on gender

You might want to consider providing separate toilets for male and female guests, as well as gender-neutral toilets if needed. It would increase the number of necessary units too. Generally, it is advisable to provide an equal number of units for men and women. It implies that if you invite fifty people to an event lasting less than four hours, you need a minimum of two units.

Thus, several factors come into play while deciding the exact number of toilets you need. You must pay attention to all of these aspects while organizing an event. A reputed company that offers portable toilets for rent should be able to help you determine the correct number of urinals.

Do you need special toilets for disabled individuals?

It would be thoughtful and wise to add special portable toilets for the disabled, especially at a public event. A good company that offers a wide range of portable toilets can provide you with one specially designed for wheelchairs. Generally, one handicapped-specific toilet for every twenty regular toilets should be enough. However, if it is a private event such as a party with your friends and family and you already know that none of the guests need such toilets, you do not have to rent one.

Balancing cost effectiveness and quality of service, you need to get the right number of units for your event. This would ensure a hassle-free experience for the visitors.