The adventure of purchasing a home is an exciting and fun one but right now there are many more interested buyers than there are homes available for sale on the market. So the homebuying journey can take a little bit longer than many buyers expect.

If you are a buyer that is struggling to find a home that you actually want to purchase you are not alone as there are several buyers finding it difficult to find just the right home across the country right now.

Here are some tips to help you get creative with your home shopping adventure that may just turn up successful in finding a home you love.

Work with an expert agent to find off-market listings

Real estate agents can help you to find properties that are not on the market but maybe listing soon. In fact, there are some agents that specialize in selling off-market homes because they have built up quite the network. Agents are connected to other agents and can get a feel for when properties may be coming on the market that has not yet been listed.” – West Seattle Agent Conor MacEvilly

This can either be through the form of talking with agents about clients preparing their home for sale or in simply talking with their own clients who are beginning their own home search but will need to list their home first. They also make sure to continue to build relationships with people and sometimes in casual conversation the topic of considering selling their home comes up.

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Don’t be afraid to expand your price range just a little

“If you have been hunting for a home for quite some time with zero luck you may consider looking into the possibility of stretching your budget just a tiny bit. Make sure that this stretch is something that you could actually handle by plugging the numbers of owning a home at the new budget price into your daily life. Some people may find it is worth it to get into a home and begin building wealth for just $50-$100 more a month in mortgage payments.” – Parkland Realtors®

Look for expired or for sale by owner listings

It is possible for some listings to expire in the multiple listing service due to a lack of interest within a particular timeframe. When this happens, the homeowner could still be interested in selling their home for the right price. Consider asking your agent if it would be worth it to look into expired listings and reach out to the homeowner to see if a sale is a possible opportunity.

For sale by owner, listings aren’t on the MLS so it is also worth it to check out sites that specifically help buyers trying to sell a home on their own to market their home. Sites such as You can also drive around the neighborhood that you hope to move to and keep your eyes peeled for signs that a homeowner has put in a yard on their own.

Check out iBuyer inventory

An iBuyer is short for internet buyers which is a company different from a real estate brokerage in that it leverages property technology to offer cash to sellers on the spot. These buyers have built up inventory from a number of sellers so that you have the opportunity to browse dozens of listings through these companies.

Consider the idea of building your own home

“With a low inventory, it’s very hard to find exactly what you want in a home right now so building a home on a piece of purchased land may be the right choice for you. You could also research listings in new construction developments in the area. Just make sure that before you fall in love with a piece of land you research the availability of builders in the area as some can be pretty busy right now.” – Mike Mazzone, Park City UT Real Estate Expert

Be prepared to make your move

“Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases you will probably make in your lifetime. As such it should not be rushed into. The best plan of attack in purchasing a home in a strong seller’s market is to make sure you have done your homework on the process and that you have a very knowledgeable agent working with you.” – Portland real estate expert Marcus Brown

When you know what to expect and exactly what you are looking for with expert help you have a strong starting point that will enable you to make a quick decision when you find a home that you feel is right for you. Because when you find this home, you do not want to sit back waiting too long to make an offer. The competition will be right on your heels even with an unlisted home.