Looking to resell down the line? Here are some reassuringly expensive upgrades to make to increase the value of your home.

While we would all love to save up for and buy our dream home immediately after we enter the world of work, it doesn’t work out that way for anyone. Unless you inherit a house, your job for the next ten years or so, is to save up enough money for you to relocate somewhere better suited to you. That relocation isn’t normally into your dream home at all. In fact, normally there are several dozen steps in the way before you have a whiff of that ideal place and perfect room count.

Not All Home Upgrades are Rewarding

So, to help yourself develop the property you have in the between stages to give yourself more money when it comes time to sell. The bigger the expense with home improvements, the more likely you are to make your cash back and then some. However, as always, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if you intend on DIY, make sure get it right or you could find yourself with more expense.

If you want to upgrade your existing property but you don’t know where to start, we can help. Keep reading to find out about some of the best home upgrades you can make to get a good return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Not all home upgrades reward you, so here are some that do.

Reassuringly Expensive Home Improvements for Upping Property Value

If you want your home to be worth more in the future, here are the upgrades you need to make. Please note that these are based on UK upgrades. On that note, keep an eye out for https://www.selinaadvance.com/. This company provide HELOC loans so you can do as many upgrades as you like, borrowed against the cost of your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

Kitchen and bathroom remodelling is a big selling point. If you go to view a house yourself and see a dirty kitchen or bathroom, you see more work for yourself. You’ll be put off from buying. If you want to sell in the next 1-3 years, a sneaky kitchen or bathroom remodel will increase the house sale speed. Buyers can picture themselves moving straight in. You might spend ten thousand on it and find your return doubles based off selling fees saved alone.

The Carport

This is another sneaky suggestion. We all know that you could spend twenty or thirty thousand on a new extension/garage. Instead, homes which already have a driveway could benefit from a carport. It’s a fraction of the cost and again, it’s a great selling point. People want to protect their cars and they can picture the potential to add a garage in future. For one or two thousand, you could have a property improvement worth five times that. It’s a no brainer.


You are not going to believe this, but experts reckon that painting the interior and exterior of your home has an ROI above 100%. Studies have shown that some colours boost ROI better than others, so have a read about that before you commit to sky blue or yellow.