Gazebos have traditionally been ornamental additions to outdoor spaces, creating an ethereal look especially when placed in lush gardens and vibrant flora. Nowadays, homeowners have taken to using gazebos not just as a focal point in their backyard, but as a space specifically to entertain, relax, and enjoy whilst being outdoors. Traditionally octagonal or hexagonal in shape, and with roofing that provides shelter from the elements, these highly customisable outdoor living solutions are a perfect way to add stylish shelter and functionality to your outdoor space.

Below, a list of the benefits of having a gazebo in your yard!

Enjoy your space year-round by weather-proofing

When trying to enjoy time spent outdoors, it’s easy for plans to fall through when the weather changes. Whether it’s sudden rain, or a spike in temperatures during the summer, it can be annoying not being able to do what you want to do because of something out of your control. By having a gazebo, you’re ensuring that there’s always going to be a spot with cover, whether you’re having a barbecue or a chill catch-up session with some friends.

Host friends and family

Love putting together an event and inviting friends and family over? A gazebo is the perfect place for a gathering, no matter the time of day or year. With the roofing providing protection from harmful UV rays during the day, as well as the odd showers that can otherwise put a dampener on the mood, you’re ensuring that you’ve got a great spot rain or shine.

What’s more, it’s a great place to set up a table, or some seating for entertaining, too. If you’ve got people over for some nibbles and drinks, having a gazebo ensures that the food is protected from direct sunlight, too!

Create a versatile space

Gazebos create a beautiful foundation for whatever you’re needing at the moment. Whether you’re wanting to set up an outdoor living area, an outdoor kitchen, a cool and funky socialising space, a hot tub, or even an exercise area, it’s an ideal outdoor living solution that can be used in multiple ways with a little creative thinking.

Got a barbecue or a grill? Gazebos can be a good spot to cook in, with the roofing providing shelter as you cook, whilst still letting the smoke out.

Need a little extra storage space? A gazebo can be a temporary alternative to a shed, especially for rough seasons. Save yourself the trouble of sanding down and repolishing your garden furniture each year by covering them under the gazebo to prevent fading and warping. Keep your barbecue under shade when not in use to protect it from rust, and move struggling plants to partial shade or full shade, depending on the season, to keep them alive and thriving.

Like to tinker? Gazebos are a great place to do your arts and crafts, or work on mechanical projects whilst still being protected from the elements.

Minimal maintenance required

Make sure to invest in a high quality Stratco gazebo Melbourne – you’ll definitely see the difference! Made with strong steel available in a wide range of finishes and shades, and tested to withstand Australian weather conditions, you’re investing in a piece that will be very low maintenance and won’t require hours of care. All that you need to do every few months is sweep debris, and perhaps a scrub and rinse if you feel it needs it. Easy as!

Add aesthetic

Wanting to accentuate your home’s exterior even further? Well-manicured lawns and a fresh coat of paint can only go so far sometimes. A gazebo can add a breath of fresh air and improve the landscape of your outdoor space, providing a focal point with which to design your garden around. Traditionally, gazebos are structures that are made to look at one with nature, with vines crawling up the posts and providing additional privacy or protection.

The addition of well-placed fairy lights not only adds mood lighting to the space, but also evokes a whimsical feel. Wanting something more edgy? Add LED strip lights for a funkier look.

Increase outdoor time

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors boosts a myriad of health benefits. It boosts your energy, reduces the likelihood of developing nearsightedness, helps reduce pain symptoms, and even helps to boost your immune system. This is because the phytoncides, which are airborne chemicals that are produced by the plants around us, seem to help increase our levels of white blood cells, which are instrumental in fighting off infections and illnesses. By adding a gazebo to your outdoor space, you’re increasing the likelihood of spending more time outside and reaping in all the health benefits of being outdoors.

Wide variety of designs available

While traditionally, gazebos have been hexagonal or octagonal in shape, there’s now a wide range of shapes and designs available for gazebos depending on your requirements. What’s important is to make sure that it accentuates the current space you have, so you’re encouraged to utilise it properly year-round. With wooden gazebos, gazebos made of steel, and everything in between, this wide variety of designs ensures that you can use the structure for anything, from an entertaining space, to a wedding venue, too!

Create privacy

If you value your privacy, you know that an uncovered outdoor space is easy to look into, especially by nosy strangers. It’s hard to relax when you’re feeling like people can see you while you’re enjoying your backyard. Gazebos provide the perfect cover for when you’re wanting some private time for yourself while enjoying the nature around you, especially if you’ve opted to place your gazebo in a tranquil corner for maximum peace and quiet.