Are you looking for a new plant for your garden? Is it a native fern? Many people who own a garden or a small place where they plant new herbs, shrubs, or anything else, look for different options. And with different options, it doesn’t mean that you need to look for the same species but a different plant altogether. But if you are adamant that you are looking for just ferns and are open to their species then we have just the right thing for you here in this blog.

In this blog, you have listed down the best 5 native ferns hardy in most zones and soil types. Not just on the basis of their overall beauty but also their demand. The listed options here are some of the most sold ferns in the market. So, quickly have a look at it and just check if you want any of these for your garden or not.

  • New York Fern

One of the most loved, bought, and popular ferns of the US is named New York Fern. Also known as Thelypteris noveboracensis; this is a marshy fern type that mostly grows in the area where you get more waterfall and humid level is inclined towards the higher side. This is a perennial plant that comes under the evergreen category. They come under those types that can be green throughout the year. They normally grow between 12 to 14 inches.

  • Christmas Ferns

The Christmas Fern is one of those in the world that doesn’t need any close care. They can grow in all soil types and in any environment and need minimal care. Although these fern types can tolerate sun for quite some time, it is still better for them to grow in either shady areas or places that receive less direct sun. This plant reaches a height of 4 inches and makes a good garden plant with other shrubs near about the same size.

  • Hay Scented Fern

The Hay Scented Fern is also a type of hardy fern that is popular amongst people. It not only is preferred in gardens but nowadays, people plant them in pots too. Keep trimming their shoots and leaves and it can be your home plant. But yes, not in the interiors. We don’t know what exactly amuses or intrigues the garden lovers but they prefer getting this plant in their gardens. These plants can grow up to 2 ft. and spread across 3 ft. These ferns grow in colonies and repel deer.

  • Maidenhair Fern

As tough as it may look, Maidenhair Fern has delicate leaves that are fan-shaped. The leaves are typically clustered on the stem and are smaller than other fern categories. And one thing that has been established lately is that Maidenhair Fern is amongst the fastest growing of their category and a lot of people grow this in their house. You will find this plant growing naturally in multiple regions of North America. On maturing, they grow up to a size of 2 ft. They grow mostly in well-drained and moist soil and love partial shade or complete shade to thrive.

  • Lady Ferns

And then on this list, we have our last name, Lady Fern. They are yellow-colored leaf ferns that grow in clusters and are highly popular amongst gardening people. If you have a shaded corner or area in your garden where nothing grows or thrives, then Lady Fern is the best bet for you. Not only will this type of fern look good but it is a statement maker. Sporting lacy, amazing, elegant, and whatnot- people have nicknamed and appreciated this species of fern in a lot of ways. So, next time when you want to fill up your shady places, then this fern should be in your mind first. They can have a great impact on beautifying the area in your garden.


Although we have discussed just the 5 native ferns, there are many other options available in the market. We have selected these ferns because they have a lot of advantages other than the normal ones and they are the native ferns hardy that can be grown in most zones and can be grown in most soil types. So when you head out to the market or plan on buying a new fern for your garden just think about these and all your problems will be solved in an instant.