bathroom shower head with running water

There are various shower heads that you can choose from when upgrading your bathroom, and each offers its own benefits. One of the most challenging shower heads to buy is one which is fit for all the family. Given that kids are often not as tall as adults, you need a shower head that is able to offer the flexibility to provide a great shower to anyone who uses the bathroom. There are some options to choose from here, and these are the best based on what kind of budget you have.

High End Shower Heads – Panel Style

If money is no object to you then the ultimate selection which you can make for a bathroom shower head is a panel-style shower. These are the ideal option for all of the family and kids are going to love the range of options which they provide. The panel shower is a large installation in the shower unit which comprises of a mixture of rainfall heads, side jets, sprays and a handheld head too. Whilst they may be costly, the range of features and head options make this a stellar choice.

Mid-Range Shower Heads – Waterfall

Slightly lower down on the price spectrum is the waterfall shower head, which is fixed to the wall and offers plenty of water volume when you are washing. Because of the fact that it is fixed to the wall you won’t be able to adjust this for kids, but because of the fact that the water cascades over a large area, and with volume, it means smaller people won’t need to worry about dissipating spray. There is of course some flexibility which you will find when mounting the shower head, as it only needs to be as high as the tallest person in the household.

Budget Shower Heads- Fixed With Handheld

For those who are looking for more of a budget selection, a fixed shower head with a separate handheld head is the ideal option. This gives the option of a large wall-mounted head above, which could suit the purposes of everyone who uses the shower. Additionally however you will have a separate hose which comes down from the shower unit which can be used for more precise washing of the body or for little ones who just need a quick spray. These are low cost to purchase, easy to install and will certainly suit the needs of the entire family. Another great benefit of this shower type is that you only need to switch on one of the heads at a time, depending on who is using the shower, which of course helps greatly to save on water usage.

When you are searching for your new bathroom shower head, make sure that you bear the various heights of your family members in mind, as well as paying attention to the potential growth of your children. Additionally, it is always worth ensuring that you have solid water pressure in the shower before you buy. In the case of the waterfall shower for example, you won’t receive the full benefit if you don’t have great water pressure.