The office should always be an organized and aesthetically comfortable place, whether located at the company or at home. Do not leave your materials thrown away such as papers, documents, pens, staplers, among other objects that cannot be lost. To help you with this environment, Costway comes with useful office furniture that will make your office place more professional and cozy. They are offering worthy home office furniture that is focused on quality, durability, and functionality.

In this article, we have listed 3 affordable and durable Costway office furniture that will give your office a professional look. They are selected on the demand, quality, functionality and durability. The Costway is best known for its high-tech and high-quality material products around the world. The specialists working in the company not only focus on the style of the product but they focus on comfort, durability, how it will benefit the users and easiness of use.

  • Vintage Computer Desk with Storage Shelves and 4 Drawers

To give your office a vintage look, this computer desk is perfect choice for you. With unmatched convenience, it comes with smooth long drawer and 3 side drawers that offers you plenty of space to keep your things in organized manner. Moreover, if these 4 drawers are not enough for storage, Costway vintage computer desk has 3 divided portions of shelves where you can put books, photos, magazines, DVD or CDs, cups, and other small stuff.

If we talk about the material, this computer desk is made up of finest quality MDF construction that makes it sturdy and durable. It is not only to put your laptop or computer on it but you can do writing task on the desk. To keep the power cords managed, there is a big hole at the back of desk to keep cords in place.


+ Easy to assemble and use

+ Can be cleaned with wet cloth

+ 1 long drawer and 3 normal drawers

+ 3 divide portions of shelves

+ Ideal for home or office use

+ Made up of MDF material

+ Best for writing and computer use desk

  • Digital Deposit Safe Box Depository Front Load

The second on our list is safety product. Costway has introduced Digital Deposit Safe Box Depository Front Load that helps you keep the important documents or money safe. It is an ideal safe box for office, home, or workplace use. No matter what you want to keep, it has safe for money, for documents, gun, jewelry, and other valuable stuff.

The best feature is it has front load deposit that means you can deposit important stuff easily but can’t take it out from the front load. You must have the key or the password to open it and access the stuff inside. The safe box is constructed with 3mm thick solid steel and the front is made up of 6mm solid steel for better security. If you wish to fix it on the wall, there are two holes at the backside for anchoring. Moreover, the safe box runs on 4 AA batteries that are included with the box.


+ 3mm thick solid steel body and 6mm front solid steel body

+ 2 back holes for anchoring

+ Digital entry helps to eliminate multiple key copies need

+ Easy to operate

+ Carpet padding is on inside bottom

+ 4 AA size batteries included

+ Anchor bolts are included

+ Ideal for home, office or workplace use

+ Easy to mount to the wall or cabinet

  • Multifunctional Bamboo Shelf Flower Plant Display Stand

The last one on our list is Multifunctional Bamboo shelf display stand. We know wherever flower or plants are, they makes the atmosphere fresh, clean, and charming. Therefore, Costway has introduced this beautiful and eye-catching, bamboo shelf flower plant stand where you can put flowers or different plants. It has 12 shelf that are enough for any room charming. You can put maximum ornaments on it.

If we talk about the structure, this shelf display stand is made up of Bamboo and heavy-duty wood to increase durability and reliability. The structure is hard enough to support flowers, plants, books, magazines, toys, cups or other things. Its cool and classic look, fits it in any environment no matter how many times you change room or office furniture. It is an ideal multifunctional Bamboo shelf stand for office, home, balcony, living room, or any place you want it.


+ Positive impact on environment

+ Good storage space

+ 12 shelf for plants, flowers, books, magazines, or other stuff

+ Constructed with Bamboo and heavy-duty wood

+ Multifunctional, durable, and easy to use

+ Easy to assemble and clean

+ Can be fit at home, office, living room, balcony