Whether you’re enticed by the current housing market or would simply like to move somewhere more suited to a new lifestyle, selling a home is currently on a number of homeowners’ minds. It isn’t always a straightforward process but it is one that can be potentially very lucrative, depending on how the property has been maintained and designed.

Achieving the best possible sale price for a property is desirable and many homeowners will seek to maximise their return on investment. Some will assume that the cost of an investment needs to be substantial if it is to create a significant return, however, there are many affordable ways to add value to a home.

Fresh Facade

First impressions are as important for a property as they are for a person, which is why the facade of a property must be given due consideration. In addition to the curb appeal, there are also the agency photos to consider too. As such, be sure to freshen the external paintwork and spruce your property’s outer design.

Smart Fittings

Futureproofing a home isn’t always affordable, especially if it involves extensive rewiring. However, there are smaller elements that can be added to a property to give it value. USB plug sockets and wireless charging points are useful embellishments, as well as smart lightbulbs too.

Garden Comfort

Having an outdoor space doesn’t necessitate value. Homeowners should not only ensure their garden requires little ongoing maintenance, conducive to a lock up and leave property, but should also seek to spruce their garden design. Having elegant features outside, as well as an appealing outdoor aesthetic, can add significant value to a home.

Make Room

It can be tempting to fill your home with design features that appear stylish and valuable. However, to a buyer, it is space that is often the most valued resource. As such, removing features and furniture from your home to create more room, or a sense of space, can lead to a greater property value.

Natural Light

When it comes to a home’s appearance, natural light has a far more complementary effect than artificial glows. As such, it is worthwhile to invest in larger windows and accommodating curtains, as well as any feature that encourages more sunshine into a living space

Solar Panels

Depending on the type of solar panels purchased, as well as the addition of a battery, these energy assets can be affordable, especially when compared with both the value added to a property and the long-term return of energy cost savings.

Repair Fixtures

When it comes to negotiating offers on a property, repair work, no matter how minor, can be used as leverage by the buyer. As such, eliminating as many tasks as possible, such as sealing cracks and replacing floorboards, can prevent the need to accept a lower than desired offer.

Removing Controversy

There are certain elements of a property that can dramatically divide opinion and, as such, it is in the interest of a seller to remove these. Statement wallpapers, imitation beams, and popcorn ceilings are a few of these designs.