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According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, architectural design is an important part of every new construction project. Although it can sound a little complicated, the architectural design process can be separated into different phases making it easier to understand and manage the project better.

The Stages

Here are the different stages of architectural design:

  1. Schematic design – The schematic design phase involves the first official client and customer meeting that includes a discussion on all the crucial elements of the project. The purpose of the first phase of architectural design is to agree on the overall goal and project vision. It also includes the research regarding the local regulations and compliance.

After the initial discussion, the client is delivered concept drawings and sketches of the exterior building elevations, building cross-sections, floor plans of all levels with plumbing fixtures and generic openings, typical wall sections, and more with a rough estimate of the costs.

You have the option to request any modifications to the design submitted and once you accept the initial designs the process will move on to the next phase.

  1. Design development – During this phase, the initial accepted design is developed further with specific details such as the section of doors, windows, materials, and more. Additionally, you will learn about the structure grid dimensions, interior wall dimensions, additional building sections, and more.

Every design detail is updated carefully based on the requirements of the clients and the cost of the project is updated as well.

  1. Construction blueprint development – Once the design is approved and finalized by the client, the architectural designers begin to work on the development of the construction blueprint. This includes the technical specifications required for construction, bidding, permit applications, HVAC plans, electrical power and lighting plans, and more.

Typically, the majority of the work during this phase is done by architects and is geared toward construction contractors for them to follow when working on the construction phase.

  1. The bidding phase – It is the simplest phase, and the purpose of the bidding phase is to identify a suitable construction company for your project. An architectural designer is a great asset during this phase since they can refer to reputed construction companies within the client’s budget.

Additionally, they can provide a detailed analysis of the bids received and help them to make a suitable decision. Plus, they also ensure that the contractors are aware of all the requirements of the projects so that they can bid accurately.

  1. The construction administration – The final phase involves the actual construction of the building following the guidelines and specifications listed in the construction blueprint. Plus, it involves site visits and overseeing the construction work to ensure proper construction work. Any changes during this phase are scrutinized to meet the client’s requirements as well.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests you discuss the details of your project such as the purpose, scope, features, and functionality of the project before hiring the services of an architectural design service provider. Typically, the initial meeting is often referred to as the ‘pre-design’ phase since it involves the preparation of high-level base drawings, measurements, reviewing documentation, and more.