Summer is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living space or completely transform it using some of our patio design ideas. It is the season of tanning, barbecue parties and family get-togethers so having a space where you can enjoy the hot summer days and chilly summer nights with loved ones is going to provide you with a lot of nice memories to warm you up all through the winter months. Not only can your patio be a visually pleasing outdoor space, but it can have practical features to make your time spend in the garden a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Regardless of the size of your garden, there are smart ways to design a beautiful patio which does not require a massive amount of space. There is a lot of things to consider before you start designing it which is why here at We Buy Any House, we have rounded up several ideas for you to get inspired and help you plan your patio transformation.

Dining Area

If you love hosting parties and gathering your friends and family, having a seating dining space is a must. You can consider the ever-popular wooden finishing touches for the furniture as it goes really well in the outdoors too. If you are not a fan of the rustic natural look, a very stylish colour for patios has been the dark blue or black for furniture. What’s more, bold designs can say a lot about you and show your personality and preferences. Using strong colours can create stunning designs that are also found in nature so do not be afraid to be bold and experiment with the colour scheme. At the end of the day, you are the person who is going to spend the most time there anyway so you might as well love what you have designed. Another thing you should consider is the durability of the furniture. You want to have something which will be long-lasting and resistant to rain and wind.

Covered Seating Area

Having an area where you can hide from either the scorching sun in summer or the pouring rain in autumn is essential. You can never fully predict weather conditions so creating a safe space for any occasion and circumstance will make your patio so much more practical. Here you could use any furniture you like no matter if it is water resistant or not. It is an opportunity to pick your favourite furniture design without having to worry that some storm is going to completely ruin it.


The unpredictability of the weather may push you into investing in a good firepit area where you could warm up on chilly summer nights. Gathering around the fire can create a very intimate and cosy atmosphere so you would want to have comfortable chairs or benches that people can cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy the night. Additionally, having a firepit gives you the opportunity to cook on an open fire and create that smoke flavour. There is nothing better than having the famous s’mores from the fire for dessert after a delicious meal.

Sunbathing Furniture

Whether you have a pool or not, a good lounging furniture will contribute greatly to your patio as it is a space for relaxation and you-time. It is worth saying that your poolside furniture needs to be weather and waterproof and having wheels on the lounging chairs is going to make your experience much easier so that you can move it around along with the sun.

Swing Chair

An increasingly popular piece of furniture for patios has been the swing chair. It is perfect for those calm and quiet mornings with a cup of coffee. They are not only stylish and quite Instagrammable but also incredibly comfortable and cosy if you add soft blankets and pillows in it. If it has its own frame, you can easily change its position and enjoy it from any place.

Patio Lighting

Something that is certain to create a soothing ambiance for your outdoor space is having lights all around. It really is the cherry on top of the whole design because it set this intimate atmosphere which only light can create. Think of lighting up any stairs that you might have, around the seating areas or you could use it to highlight certain features and decorations in your patio. What’s more, this will allow you to get creative and add decorative lighting items such as lamps and lanterns.

It is never too late to start thinking how you can make use out of your garden space and transform it into a sanctuary for relaxation or a place to gather with friends and family. It is time to utilise all that space you have in the back of your house and enjoy yourself in the great outdoors yet still comfortably close to the safety and solace of your home.


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