The UK is in the grip of a smart home revolution. Recent research predicts the industry is growing to such an extent that household penetration for smart devices, currently at 45.8% in 2022, will soar to 84.8% by the year 2026. In the vanguard of this growth is smart bathroom technology, and notably, smart showers. So, why are smart showers growing in popularity?

5 reasons smart showers are smarter than you think…

  • The ability to set precise temperatures – Firstly, smart showers have fantastic merit from a safeguarding perspective. The threat of scalding from boiling temperatures is a real problem, especially for young children or the vulnerable. By setting scientifically precise temperatures smart showers guarantee the safety of yourself and your loved ones at shower time.

Secondly, precise temperatures are essential for ensuring the perfect start or finish to your day. Everybody knows the feeling of a shower that’s too warm in the morning that leaves you hot and bothered, or a shower that’s too cold in the evening that wakes you up just before bed. Precise temperature controls eliminate this problem to give you the perfect shower every time.

  • Remote access – People are using smart showers to reduce the hassle of hectic mornings as far as possible with remote access giving you the ability to have your ideal shower ready and waiting at the touch of a button. Perfect for when your alarm goes off or for instantly preparing your shower as you finish your breakfast. It’s a massive plus too for parents who can control the shower remotely to stop playful kids running up the water bill and flooding the bathroom!

  • Voice Control Functionality – Voice control technology is the easiest and most user friendly way to interact with smart products. Particularly useful for those with mobility and accessibility issues, voice controlled showers can save you an enormous amount of time and effort making everyday life that bit easier.

  • Eco-Friendly – With water scarcity and other environmental issues high on the news agenda smart showers are a useful weapon in the fight against climate change. Accordingly, manufacturers are responding to the demands for more eco-friendly products. For example, Aqualisa showers include an Eco-mode that can be switched on to decrease water flow by 33% thereby reducing water wastage while also helping to reduce household bills. Similarly, the company’s app also provides a full breakdown of stats on water usage by amount and by user to make you more conscious about yours and your family’s water footprint and how it can be better managed. Great for saving bills and the planet!

  • Premium Experience – Combining the practical with the luxurious should be the ambition for everyone’s home bathroom, providing them with a relaxing retreat from the outside world. Smart showers give people this premium, luxury experience every single day with the control, the personalisation and the quality they offer.

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