Brass The Interior Design

Brass is certainly one of the metals of the moment in the interior design world. It’s a timeless metal that adds a touch of elegance and interest to any space, therefore being used and appreciated in the home for centuries. Investing in a timeless raw material such as brass is an exciting way to create an industrialised, authentic product which can be affordable. Brass can be easily paired with a number of different textures and colours, enabling you to complement it with any given interior choice.

  • Brass adds a touch of luxury to your home

Brass can add a touch of luxury into your space at a reasonable price. Brass is both beautiful and strong. Thanks to its alluring hue, it can be used to accent furniture and clad walls or ceilings, turning a simple living into a classy one. When mixing with wood or glass, they can produce gracious and classic designs to your room.

  • Brass would go with any colour scheme

If you are new to brass and the warm metal trends, start small by introducing accessories in brass to give your home an instant update. Used for door handles and light fittings, it is a metal which has been popular in the home for centuries. Plant pots, vases, candle holders and of course kitchen utensils are some accessories options for this without spending too much of your budget, while giving you a feel for the look. If you want to step up your game, vintage pieces from every era are being reimagined in brass by today’s designers for the contemporary home, including small details such as switches and sockets. There is a whole new world of brass out there for you to choose from.

  • Combine brass and other materials to go on trend

Mixing your brass details with a muted colour palette can keep a modern look to your home. Metal and natural materials when being paired together can create a combination that would work particularly well. Brass and wood materials share very similar colour palettes, meaning that the possibilities are endless for the looks that can be achieved when combining these materials. White marble is another interesting material when it comes to creating a stylish display with metal.

  • Conclusion

Brass is an investment – it is durable as well as stylish. Pure raw brass doesn’t rust and it’s an easy metal to incorporate into more challenging environments such as your bathroom and outdoors, or any other room you may wish. You can also incorporate brass accessories into your home to add warmth and atmosphere to any given space. Adding brass to your home decor will never go out of fashion as it enables you to channel the industrial trend.