Range cookers are considered the crème de la crème of cooking. That’s why if you’re an avid cook, they may have been recommended to you once or twice. In this blog, we will discuss range cookers, including what they are and how they differ from other cookers. If you’re looking for a range cooker, ILVE Appliances have some great ones available.

If you’re after a short explanation, range cookers are a freestanding cooker that typically comes with more than one oven and more hob burners than your typical cooker and a grill. When the typical person envisions a range cooker, they’ll be thinking of an antique oven with solid metal doors and heated storage compartments. Although this is partly true, you no longer have to live with the old fashioned range cooker. Now, there are many more options available which are perfectly suited to modern living. Their true purpose is to be practical and they are an amazing choice if you are a cooking enthusiast.


Designed to be practical, aesthetically pleasing and hardwearing

We all want our kitchen to look great. Aside from being highly practical, range cookers will bring an element of great design into your kitchen. Their freestanding nature creates a great focal point. Range cookers are now available in a wide range of colour choices and finishes, meaning they can really stand out within a kitchen design. On the other hand, built-in appliances are designed to blend into cupboards and work surfaces, which means instead of being their own character, they blend in with the crowd. Range cookers work great if you’re looking for a centrepiece for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for something highly practical, a range cooker is for you…


Range cookers typically have many different hobs, multiple grills and 2 oven types. Great if you’re the Christmas dinner host! Likewise, if you often host dinner parties or have a big family to feed, this cooker will be your perfect companion.

The benefits don’t stop there! Range cookers are extremely hardwearing and will not break easily. You can expect a great cooker like this to last a long time. Although the initial cost may be pricey, the return on investment makes the purchase well worth it.

Another advantage of range cookers is that because they are freestanding, they can be easily removed from the kitchen if you move house and wish to reinstall it.

Integrated storage

Range cookers also give you the ability to store more inside too. They contain storage compartments, which allow you to keep pans, oven trays and more inside – giving you more space to play within your kitchen cupboards and work surfaces.


A range cooker has everything you could possibly need all in one place. Due to this, you will save time and money, as it reduces the need to buy other items that are required when you have another cooker.


Range cookers are much bigger than your standard oven. This means that you can do more at once and they can offer more functionality- this is a match made in heaven when cooking for multiple people!

Where can I buy a range cooker?

Look no further than purchasing your range cooker with ILVE Appliances. Their extensive range means you can purchase in your choice of colour, size, shape and usability.

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