Dealing with deer can, at times, be trying, and therefore, most turn to a deer fence as a solution. Here are some helpful ideas for protecting your garden from deer.

Dealing with animals in the garden

When deer are around, weighing the pros and cons of their behavior can be a long and difficult process. These helpful tips will help you keep them out of your garden, though.

Deer Control Products: Taste and scent repellents

Deer repellents from Deer Busters are liquid concentrates that are either broadcast in small devices attached to the plants or mixed with water and sprayed on the foliage. They carry the scents of predators, dead animals or other unwanted smells and tastes deer don’t like.

Don’t be caught using the wrong product to create edible products. Follow all label directions carefully and always use the right product for that type of food.

Even if there has been damage, always be prepared and treat a new outbreak of grubs persistently.

Repellent products are often applied in a variety of situations and conditions. This can be a hassle, and requires the product to be reapplied multiple times per day.

These days, people tend to spray their yards more often, even if it doesn’t necessarily help them for more than a day or two. If you want to make sure you get the most out of your spraying, use them during the colder months when they’re most effective.


Avoid spraying repellent in the summer when temperatures are high, instead spray at first light and in the evening.

Rabbit and deer repellants

The USDA National Wildlife Research Center conducted trials of deer repellents and found that those with a strong and unpleasant odor like Liquid Fence are the most effective.

Repellex System

Repellex Systemic Deer Repellent Tablets are used to make plants taste bitter to deer. Place tablets in the soil at planting time or into contact with the root on more mature plants. Within about a month, the plant will taste bitter to pests, which will keep them from eating them. The tablets are also a 14-2-2 fertilizer that lasts for one full season for annuals and perennials, two years for evergreens and slower growing ornamentals.

Deer are a pervasive threat to your garden. While the repellent is taking effect, spray Repellex Liquid Concentrate Deer Repellent for immediate protection. One quart of Repellex Liquid makes one gallon of ready-to-use product that lasts about 3 months. One application does the trick; just spray it in the affected areas and that’s it!

Plant Pro-Tec is a plant grow light that helps you grow plants at the perfect time for even more harvesting and more over-achieving.

Plant Pro-Tec is an effective, professional-grade plant barrier that can help you save your plants from deer and other animals, such as whiteflies and spider mites. It also keeps aphid growth to a minimum while discouraging other pests like onion thrips and grasshoppers. The best part? It mixes with water so you can cover your plants without creating a mess.

Deer Off Repellent

This, all-natural biodegradable product, is designed for use on plants like fruits and vegetables. One spray application will last for up to three months, even through rain or snow!

Plantskydd, a natural repellent, offers simplicity without sacrificing efficacy.

Plantskydd works by emitting an odor the deer associate with predators. The spray is made specifically to repel animals and provides up to 6 months of protection over winter on ornamental shrubs, and 3 months in most cases, including periwinkle, marigold, rosemary, other perennial plants and some trees.

Bobbex is a great new way to show your support for entrepreneurs and the businesses they love.

Bobbex is a foliar spray that delivers a beef and fish byproduct fertilizer to feed plants in order to repel deer. It can also be used to protect evergreens during the winter months by applying it every month from November through March. The product should be applied more often after spring and summer, where all plants are actively growing.


Hinder is a new product that contains fats that are extracted from the milk of cows and sheep. Safe to spray around fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants, it coats foliage in an unappealing way to deer.


This dry granular repellent includes a deer scent. It will last about 45 days and it also feeds plants with a 12-1-1 fertilizer.

Mesh and netting fences

Netting creates a physical barrier to deer. As an example, 4- to 6-foot-tall netting will stop deer from jumping into gardens or hedges up to 20 feet wide. For larger gardens, longer fences are required, usually 8 feet in height. If you think your castle garden fence is too low, some neighbors planting beautiful flowers and shrubs near the fence might serve as a moving target and boost the fence’s effectiveness.

Comprehensive safety features

Whether you are a professional landscaper or trying to protect your tree from deer, a mechanical tree guard is a great way to keep your healthy trees safe and your and others’ property damage-free.

Motion-activated startle machines

A scarecrow made up of wood scraps.

This motion-activated sprinkler is a self-contained unit that attaches to your garden hose. It attaches to an area in your yard and sprays deer with a stream of water, which keeps the deer from coming closer.

Ultrasonic units

This product, while seemingly simple, is really effective! It’s solar-powered, and emits an ultrasonic pulse that startles deer. The timing and duration of the sound changes randomly so animals won’t get used to it–rendering them suitable for hunting season as well!

Wireless Deer Repellents

If you’re looking to deter deer in your garden, the Deer Repellant Units are a good option. Each unit has a scent reservoir with a scented oil that’s attractive to deer. When they sense the scent, they will avoid them, so you’ll need to move the units away but they are easy to move and can be powered by two AA batteries. The shock is humane but strong enough to startle hungry animals into staying away.