block highway noise

Operating in any densely populated area often means being near a highway, where regular traffic throughout all hours of the night and day can produce considerable noise pollution. This noise pollution can directly affect how you work and feel, reduce your ability to focus and enjoy a peaceful environment, and can potentially add considerable stress to your body. Fortunately, you have several resources and strategies available to you to lessen the noise pollution in and around your property. Here are several ways to enhance the quiet of your spaces, inside and out.

Landscape Creatively

Aside from improving the aesthetics of your property, landscaping can be an invaluable tool in combating noise pollution from highways. Features such as fences and walls can significantly reduce the intensity of the sound waves that reach your outdoor and indoor areas. If you’re already planning such additions, paying attention to the materials and designs you choose can make a big difference in their sound-blocking efficacy. Taller fences with minimal gaps, for instance, offer greater protection from noise pollution. Natural features such as water elements, trees, and shrubs can also reduce or interfere with incoming highway noise.

Use Earplugs

One of the simplest tools for combating noise pollution is earplugs. These affordable devices are highly effective at reducing decibel levels, protecting your ears, and offering dependable quiet. You can wear earplugs whenever you aren’t actively conversing or listening to media, and you might find they enhance your ability to concentrate while working by removing auditory distractions.

Install Noise Barriers

Noise barriers can be installed around a property or on the exterior of buildings and are specifically designed to prevent noise pollution from highways or other sources. They act as an initial buffer that deflects sound waves, keeping outdoor and indoor areas more tranquil. Ramo has developed eco-friendly noise barriers that use materials such as willow and larch wood or mesh to protect your business from highway noise and create a calm, soothing atmosphere. Aside from their exceptional functionality, Ramo’s noise barriers are also designed to enhance your building’s appearance and blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Replace Your Windows

The type of glass used for your windows can also have a direct relationship with the level of highway noise you hear. Thinner, single-paned windows transmit sound waves more easily than thicker, double-paned ones. The windows directly facing sound sources are the ones you benefit most from replacing. Beyond double-paned glass, you might consider specialized soundproof windows as well.

Although highways enable great mobility and convenience, the side effect of noise pollution is a serious one that can diminish the peacefulness you value. A few proactive steps can restore the quiet you deserve and improve your stress level and mood. Contact the experts at Ramo to learn how to block highway noise with environmentally friendly sound barriers that can be a beautiful and healthful feature of your surroundings.